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Kink Engineering

Measure for a Vac Bed

How to Measure for a Vac Bed

Here you will find a guide to help you get the most accurate measurements for your Vac Bed.

As this product is custom made for you it is important to get us the most accurate measurements possible for the best fit.Depending on what you ordered, you will be asked for any of the following measurements:


FOR THE VACBED WE WILL NEED ALL (or a few depending on options ordered) OF THESE MEASUREMENTS:

- Your overall height (standing: your normal height - for reference):
- lie down, stretch your toes out to make your body long - have a friend measure the distance from the tips of your toes to the midpoint of your Neck (for neck or face gasket) or your Mouth (for all other breathing types) to locate the correct position for your breathing option:
- Circumference (distance around) Neck (for neck gaskets):
- Distance from Neck (or Mouth depending on breathing option) to Genitals (If ordering a penis or cock and ball gasket):
- Circumference AROUND erect penis and/or testicles (To fit P-gasket or C&B-gasket):
- Where would you like the small ports to be located (if ordering them):
- Anything else we should know?:

Measure any/all people you expect to use the vacbed and provide us with a max/min measurement so we can fit it as best we can to your body type(s). Inches are preferred. Please be as accurate as possible.