An Important Message (That's Not Entirely) About COVID-19

Wow, this is a hard newsletter to write. I promise there’s something good at the end… so stick with me here.

Statistically, it’s likely that some of you have come in contact with COVID-19. It’s scary out there. Our workshop is based out of Marika’s home - where her 93 year old grandmother lives with her. The fear of putting her in contact with the virus looms over us. Some of you may be in cities or towns, states or provinces that have declared a state of emergency. We are. We have no idea when our shipments are coming in, no idea when social events will start again… heck, even our studio dogs are going bald from anxiety.

Which brings me to the most important question: Are you OK?

Social distancing is the term of the hour. But for a lot of latex lovers, we live in our own form of isolation. I hear from so many fans and clients that people don’t understand our fetishes, that they don’t have anyone to share their fantasies with. Strictly speaking, we can’t connect you out of respect for our clients' privacy. But now’s the time to come together as a community, even if it’s only a virtual space.

I’ve been trying to think of something to do for all of our amazing supporters. A lot of other latex companies are offering sales… but to me that seems disingenuous. In a time of crisis, I don’t think 19.375% off any given item helps much. So I’m proposing something a little different…

We’re going to be starting up a blog and have a writing competition!

There will be prizes in the form of discount coupons, and sample items. Our staff will be the judges and we’ll be awarding a continuous stream of prizes every few days until the term “social distancing” stops being in every major news cycle. We’ll announce winners every Tuesday and Friday.

So what do we want? Everything!*

Keep it under 1000 words, and it doesn’t have to be original writing. Bear in mind that you’ll have a better chance of winning something if it’s hilarious, sexy or appeals directly to what we like. Marika is looking for your best latex Haiku, Patrice is more of a lymeric girl, May likes short stories, Ryver likes BTS fanfic and we all like anything using our products.

To submit your writing, send us an email with the title “Down With The Slickness” (oooh ah ah ah ah).... Yeah, we’re going a little stir-crazy over here. Include in the body of your email how you would like to be credited on the blog, your name and contact info for if you win a prize - that information will never be published - and your writing. Other useful information includes your favorite color and which of the workshop dogs you think is better: Beyla our resident (female) rottweiler who frequently masturbates in front of us or Hayden our (male) boxer who hasn’t figured out how to be a dog and frequently stares at the wall for hours on end.

Stay safe, stay sane and stay in touch.

*no solo bondage stories.