First vacbed

It was 10 years ago when I first tried out a vacbed.

I had slipped out to a fetish night when I was down in San Fran on business. Someone there had brought their bed along to the party and I was first in line to give it a go… and it was an utterly amazing experience!

Getting in it for the first time was like floating. Like being surrounded by an all-body hug. It was both supremely peaceful and completely restrictive. I immediately knew I needed one of my own.

I made my way back to frozen north, put an order in to KE and was soon waiting by the mailbox with unbridled anticipation.

When it showed up, it was perfect. It was extra long, a shiny metallic blue, and with the neck gasket so you always know what’s going on with the person inside.

Ice cubes were often the toy of choice for us (usually in the shape of Space Invaders). But anything with hands worked well. Caressing, tickling, smacking... Really, whatever the person outside the bed wanted to do was fair game. You can't do much to fight back when every inch of you is held tight like that.

Every so often I would bring it out to the club with me when they held a rubber night. After all, that’s how I discovered my love for it, and I wanted to share that experience. And every time the reaction was positive.

People of all stripes wanted to try it. Some were heavy rubberists who had been longing to give one of these things a go for a while. Some were people new to the scene, curious as to what this strange blue bag was all about. Some stepped in gingerly not sure what was going to happen. Others crashed into the bed like a tornado, eager for a new experience.

And each time I brought it out I was mobbed and everyone came out smiling and laughing. Fetish should be fun and the bed worked so well for that.

With each showing, my techniques for handling the bed improved. I figured out if I banged some smaller piping into the travel frame I could screw the side pieces together and make them almost as strong as a single piece. I put together a tool using some dollar-store swiffer knock-offs, that would let me quickly wipe down the bed in-between users.

One of our local super star fetish models even asked to borrow it for a shoot. Her partner set up a backdrop while the photographer draped herself over scaffolding so she could get her shots from above. The photos, needless to say, turned out amazing.

As the years went by the bed continued to be a hit with all who tried it. Sometimes I’d pull a friend over to give it a go and we’d spend some time trying new things out and giggling together. Other times I’d bring it out to the Vancouver Fetish Weekend and give people from around the world a chance to give it a whirl while the international and local stars danced on stage.

But as much fun as it was, it was a lot of work hosting the bed at events and with the effort and the hustle and bustle of life, the bed came out less and less. There wasn’t space for it in our apartment and when I did make it out to the club, I was usually helping out in other ways that left little time for pulling a bed along.

Yesterday, however, with the quarantine in place (and us having done some reconfiguration of our space) it seemed like an ideal time to give things another go. I had shared it often, and it had been far too long since I’d been in it myself.

But horror of horrors, I went to unroll the latex and realized the bed had been used for last time. While the frame was still sturdy and the seal still strong, the latex had decided enough was enough. It had finally begun to degrade and crack.

I’ll miss the bed. And while I’m sad that it’s gone, I did get almost 10 years of use out of it. I put a lot of smiles on peoples faces. And someday, I’ll get another bed.

Or maybe a tower… Those things have always looked cool.





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