Holiday Deadlines and Limited Colour Options

Hey there everyone,

Due to ongoing supply chain issues and the sheer volume of orders we have received this season (thank you by the way) our turnaround time may be affected slightly. If you have placed an order on or before November 8th your order will ship before December 23. If your order is placed after November 25th your order may take a bit longer than our regular 6-8 week turn around to get to you in the new year. We apologise for any delay that may affect your order and we promise we are all working hard to get everything crafted and out to you. We've even added two new staff members to keep production on track. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through your order.

Colour options on larger products like vacuum bondage and bedding are going to be very limited over the next few months. Our latex suppliers are SLAMMED and still reeling from supply chain issues from COVID. For us that translates into days on end trying to get in touch with our suppliers to check on our order status. Some colours are going to be out of stock for months, and our monthly shipments are seeing massive delays. For you that means that for the next few months we'll only be offering bedding in black, and the bottom sheets of our vacbeds will all have to be black as well. It's the only way to keep production on schedule.

Kink Engineering will be closed from December 24th till January 3rd with limited access to e-mails. We will be able to address any questions or comments after that time. Thank you for your patience and we hope you have a wonderful winter break