​Learning From Latex

Learning From Latex

Seeing latex on the internet has proven to be intoxicating. People clad in elaborately manufactured latex formal wear, rubberdolls clad head to toe in suits fit so well you struggle to find even the slightest crease, intricately crafted costumes changing the very structure of the wearer's body, or any combination of suits, hoods, gowns, gloves, and everything else under the sun. After my first exposure to seeing latex online, I knew immediately that I had to have every inch of my skin covered in it. Granted, I had the issue of being a moronic 19 year old at the time, so logistics didn’t really come into mind. Clearly the fact that I had worn latex surgical gloves in biology lab meant I knew everything about wearing latex.

I didn’t end up with my first piece of latex until about 12 years later. I had gone to the International Mr. Leather convention with my partner and a mutual friend of ours. We spent the day wandering the marketplace floor, perusing various toys and articles of clothing. Both of them knew how into latex I was. I had seen other attendees wearing it and my eyes lingered for some time on them until either of the people I was with yanked me away. I had only intended on purchasing a couple of small things at this market place, but that plan evaporated once I came upon the booth selling latex. I’m told I simply got very quiet and my eyes didn’t move off the racks.

The salesperson approached me as I was thoroughly eyeing a catsuit to ask if there was anything I wanted to buy. When I said I was just browsing, they went in for the kill.

“Have you ever worn latex before?” was an innocent enough question to ask me, but it was loaded and I walked right into it by answering no, I hadn’t.

“Would you like to?” was the question that sealed it. I honestly don’t remember the exact words of my reply, just that it was something flustered and vaguely in the affirmative sense. The two I was with immediately start snickering, both of them knowing the hook had been set and exactly where this was going to go.

The salesperson said that since it was my first time, they were going to start me out small with a black zippered vest. I remember giving another glance at the catsuit, but was also wiser at this point and deferred to the seller’s expertise. He picked a vest off the rack and handed it to me. It had a partial shine to it, and was cool to the touch. I slipped it on, jumping a little at how cold it was. It was early summer in Chicago, so that meant it was plenty warm outside, and in a crowded hall, my body was already radiating heat. The squeak I uttered from the unexpected chill on the material just made the peanut gallery behind me start cackling like a pair of deranged harpies.

The seller pulled the vest around me to make sure it would fit before zipping it up. It was a feeling that I don’t believe I’ll ever forget. It was a cool, slick hug, meeting every inch of my torso, holding tightly as the zipper closed higher. I may be remembering this differently, but I swear the seller went more slowly than usual, just to get a reaction out of me.

I very quickly realized that I knew nothing about latex and was getting my first real lesson in wearing it. Sure it was just a zippered vest, but it felt so dramatically different that I thought it would, that I realized it was better than going all out on a catsuit first. I looked at myself in the full length mirror, admiring the appearance. My good body image days are few and far between, but seeing myself clad in black latex and long blue jeans was a look I found myself a big fan of.

The vest was $100 USD and I remember going back and forth a bit because of the price. I turned to face the two I was with and almost simultaneously, they ran their fingers over the vest, looked at me and stated, “Yeah, you’re buying this. Do it. Buy it now.” I knew both of them were huge enablers and that there was no backing out of this. I quietly handed the seller my card, knowing that the box was now open and there was no closing it. I've since learned about the application of dry or wet lube to put it on, how to clean it, how to shine it, and how to feel comfortable in it.