Mobius re-release and chlorination

Limited time re-release of our Mobius line all April long!

For the month of April, April 1st to April 30th, you will be able to order our previously discontinued Mobius briefs and Mobius gloves. This is only for April though so get them while you can. 

Mobius Briefs: These briefs have a built-in cock sheath that feeds back up towards the abdomen.They were a personal favourite and brain-child of Matty, one of our co-founders

Mobius gloves: These gloves are built with fingers folding back into the thumb so that you end up with a single "OK" loop. It limits dexterity, adds tie-down points, and are perfect for holding tubular shaped items... like beer... and other things. We now place this trim on the inside so it is invisible, unlike in the photos, and will be out of Trans Natural or Black. You can get a pair in any of our in stock Supatex colours so you can match them to your hoods and catsuits. Mobius Gloves fit left and right hands identically. There is no wrong way to wear them!

We are unsure of when, or if, this line will be available again so don't miss out.

Chlorination now available on all our items!

You now have the option to get (almost) any of our items chlorinated! We've developed a unique 2-step chlorination process that locks in a high gloss finish, unlike most chlorination that can leave garments dull and somewhat patchy. Your item arrive to you chlorinated, shiny and ready to use. Now a dropdown option on all products except cubes, towers and 80" beds.