​Trapped by my own decisions

(a true short story, I swear)

Prelude: Our poorly written short story takes place in a familiar setting, trapped in the house for a few weeks. Chill_x and Luna626 have been spending a LOT of time together during the quarantine, and trying some “things” out to pass the time.

Luna626: Chill_x....I’m gonna say it, “I’m really bored.”

Chill_x: Haha, you don’t say.

Luna626: I’m not calling you boring, but...

Chill_x: Woah, woah, woah. Hey now.

Luna626: Lets do something we haven’t tried together yet.

Chill_x: Are you bored or are you “bored ?” Those are two completely different things. 

Luna626: You know what I meant you goof ball.

Chill_x: Well, we tried the armbinder and mummification yesterday, what about the sleep-sac?

Luna626: What the hell is that?

Chill_x pauses.

Chill_x: It’s like a......It’s like....It’s like being mummified in a latex bag. I’ve seen it called a body condom before, but it’s hard to describe to people until you see it.

Luna626: ? .....ok. Now I’m curious.

Chill_x proceeds to take out his latex sleep-sac. He explains its from Kink Engineering, with no internal sleeves.

Luna626 is obviously fascinated by it. Almost taken aback by seeing it.

Luna626 sort of happily stuttering: It...It’s just gotta happen. I’m putting you in this.

To Chill_x’s utter amazement at his luck, he just kind of stands there for a second.

Chill_x: you don’t want to try it first?

Luna626: Oh, I will, I just had an idea of something first.

Chill_x: Oh, ok. Ughhhh.... and what might that be?

Luna626: Just shut it for a second. Get comfy over there and let me grab some things.

Luna626 proceeds to point to the bed, Chill_x gets on it, then she proceeds to grab things from the latex filled dresser.

Chill_x, still too curious for his own good, pipes up.

Chill_x: Whatcha working on over there?

Luna626: I’ve got all I need, you can just sit there and look pretty.

Chill_x is just laughing to himself at this point, he can’t take her command or sexy talk seriously. But that would prove to be a big mistake.

Luna626: You know what we also haven’t used yet? The ball hood.

Chill_x: Yeah...?

Chill_x mentally face-palms. He knew he should’ve thought something was up the moment she had an idea. See, Luna626 and Chill_x switch, but Luna626 tends to be a bit more....sadistic. Within consent and boundaries, it can always be a fun time, but Luna626 likes to push Chill_x’s buttons a bit more than he might push hers. Regardless, Chill_x can’t turn her down when she gets like this.

Luna626: Alright, I’m ready.

Luna626 helps Chill_x into the neck entry sleep-sac, working it up his body, careful to not roll the latex or pinch his butt. Ok, that last part was a lie, she did pinch his butt, but didn’t mark up the latex while doing it.

Once the sleep-sac is on, she grabs the the ball-hood.

Luna626: Open up toots.

Chill_x opens his mouth, accepting the tubes and widens his jaw as he bites down on what will be his lifeline. Luna626 helps the rest of the hood on then pumps it really tight. Luna626 proceeds to playfully hit the sides of the ball-hood like a punching bag, Chill_x then signals the non-verbal “all good.”

But Luna626 couldn’t help herself, she grabbed the posture collar out of the dresser and applied it to Chill_x’s neck, sealing the entry to the sleep-sac and the hood, completely locking him in. Chill_x can make out faint laughter through the layers of the hood.

Luna626 has to yell to make herself heard.


Chill_x attempts to nod through the posture collar.