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Classic Arm-Binder PLUS (with straps)


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(spoiler alert, the plus is straps)

This is our classic PLUS armbinder with 3 strong buckled straps attached added, 'cause who doesn't want extra straps!? Looking for something insanely heavy duty? Here you go! With the option to have it made out of Radical Rubber 0.8 mm latex, Polymorphe 0.8 mm latex or our zero-stretch - canvas re-enforced, 1.0 mm  Polymorphe latex (for heavy bondage lovers and dangerous convicts alike) you have the option to customise the level of seriousness in this piece. The three straps are made from 1.0 mm non-stretch latex, and are available with regular (standard) or locking buckles (upon request in order notes). It comes without (standard) or with a D-ring at the end (upon request in order notes). With a lace up back and fully adjustable straps, this arm-binder is guaranteed to give you a tight, and inescapable fit.*Note: if you're a professional escape artist, you may be able to get out. I don't have any escape artist friends to run this one by.

We're pretty confident that this is the heaviest, sturdiest rubber arm-binder on the market.  It is just as durable as its leather counterparts, and has that lovely look, feel and smell of rubber!

*Shown: Classic armbinder PLUS in white, 0.8 mm, Polymorph latex (Pic 1). Classic armbinder PLUS in red, 1.0 mm, non-stretch, Polymorph Latex with black straps (Pic 2). **Please note: some options may alter the final price 


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