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Classic Arm-Binder


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Easily as durable as its leather counterpart

Our take on a classic armbinder design!  This piece is sleek and smooth. We're pretty confident that this is the heaviest, sturdiest rubber arm-binder on the market!  It's easily as durable as its leather counterparts, and has that lovely look, feel and smell of rubber.  And BONUS - it's waterproof!

  • Comes in 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm latex or our zero-stretch canvas-reinforced latex

  • Straps at the shoulders are reinforced with non-stretch latex to make sure they stay put  

  • D-ring at the bottom

  • Lace up back and fully adjustable straps. 

this arm-binder is guaranteed to give you a tight, and inescapable fit.*Note: if you're a professional escape artist, you may be able to get out. I don't have any escape artist friends to run this one by! 

Sizing: Fingertip to underarm

Small: 19" 
Medium: 21"
Large: 23"
Extra Large: 25" 
XXL: 27"
Custom: Detailed measurements will be requested through the order after purchase to ensure a flawless fit all over

*Shown: Classic arm binder in translucent natural 0.8 mm. Rubberdoll oval eye hood in translucent black with basic trim in black with locking zipper

**Please note: some options may alter the final price 


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