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Laser Cut Book Cover

Kink Engineering did a wonderful job! I would absolutely recommend them :)
Posted by Natalie, Dec 28th 2017

Weird lamp thing

It was exactly what I wanted when I needed it. I'm going to look into making another one soon that updates the shade shape so that the lamp can actually open though. My bad :-P
Posted by Emrik, Nov 22nd 2017

Definitely Satisfied

They took my idea and ran with it and it came back better than I would think
Posted by Jrod24 PupRenegade , Oct 9th 2017

Custom Inflatable Bodysuit Top

I commissioned my friends at KE to tailor an inflatable bodysuit top based on one my wife and I had gotten off eBay that didn't fit/work very well. The custom piece looks fabulous in metallic red, and the fit was great. The original was a bit short in the torso, which produced an unfortunate wedgie effect when inflated. The custom piece fits well, inflates easily, and best of all, is crotchless, which makes it great for play, too. Great job, guys, and thanks again!
Posted by SB, Aug 30th 2016

Deadpool cosplay headpiece

Thank you Kink Engineering for such a great MIR19 First Runner-up Prize. It was a great gift to get and what a rave it made during Montreal Pride 2016. Kids and adults were all over me. The prop itself is tight, comfortable and so realistic looking. Thank you again FeralJack MRM2015/MIR19 First Runner-up
Posted by Feral Jack, Aug 16th 2016