Here are a few FAQs for you. If you have any other questions just contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Catsuits
  • Vacbed Troubleshooting
  • Repairs/Alterations
  • Sheeting
  • Shipping



1) Why are catsuits with princess seams more expensive than those with flat chests?

Princess seams require a lot of extra work. They cost us more to get them drafted, they create extra pieces to cut and take more time to craft. As princess seams make the catsuit pattern more intricate we have to charge a bit more for the time and cost associated with crafting them.

2) The neck on my catsuit seems a bit low. Is this normal?

Short answer is no but this can be caused by a number of things from how your measurements were taken to how you are wearing our catsuits. This catsuit pattern is drafted to accentuate the butt. That means that you will have to pull the legs up as high as they will go and lift and separate the butt cheeks letting the crotch, or zipper, get right up in your bits. Also making sure that the arms are pulled up all the way into your armpits. The shoulder seams should sit vertically and go up and over your shoulder not droop. Doing this will give the torso more room to move up and place the neck in the correct position. 

3) My light or translucent coloured catsuit is discolouring. What can I do?

There are a few tricks you can employ when dealing with spot discolourations. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but they are worth a try. First clean the latex well. There should be no shiner or powder on the latex. Take a piece of, also cleaned, white latex and press it into the stain. The idea here is that the stain will leach into the whiter latex and lift the stain slightly. If you can find rubber cement thinner or heptane you can attempt to clean the latex with that but be careful as you can buff the shine right off Supatex latex if your not careful. As we mention in the chlorination FAQs, if you chlorinate your light or translucent coloured catsuit it will be prone to discolouration around the zipper hardware. This is due to the chlorination process corroding the metal and as we all know, metal and latex do not mix well. There is nothing that can be done about this.

4) Why are some latex colours 0.33 mm and some of them 0.4mm?

For our catsuits and hoods we use 2 different brands of latex sheeting. Flat, Pearlsheen and Vibrant colours are Supatex and come in 0.33 mm thickness. The Translucent colours are from Radical Rubber as they make the most clear translucent colours out there and they come in 0.4 mm thickness.

5) Refunds

There are no refunds on catsuits once we have your measurements and no refunds on discounted or on sale items period. 


Bed not staying suctioned for long? There are a few reasons this may be happening. Check all these areas well and see if any of these tips will fix it. The air must be coming from somewhere, but here are the most common trouble areas.

  • The closure bar.
  • Ports, gaskets, breathing options.
  • Neck gasket dicky
  • The hole in the latex for the 1-way valve.
  • Where your vacuum hose attaches to the 1-way valve.
  • Small holes or tears in the bed.

1) The closure bar

Make sure that the rubber cord is pressed all the way into the u-channel. If you are having trouble doing this a little lube on the u-channel will do wonders for this. Try rolling the closed closure bar in the opening of the vacbed to test the seal. If your closure bar gets a kink in it contact us about getting a replacement. We only sell replacement closure bars to those that already own a bed of ours.

2) Ports, gaskets, breathing options

Clip off any ports on the bed by folding the port in half and clipping it off before testing the bed again. If the problem is with the ports folding them in half before clipping them off should fix this issue. If air is seeping in around the cock and ball gasket, unfortunately, the gasket is the wrong size for you. There is not much other than replacing the gasket entirely that can be done. If you need to replace a gasket contact us for a quote. If you have a breathing tube and are finding it uncomfortable, or that it is letting air in, try using a standard scuba mouthpiece on the end of the tube. It lets you relax your jaw and gives you something soft to bite down on. You can usually get these anywhere such as Amazon or Walmart. If you have a face gasket or a neck gasket make sure that there is no hair in the way of the gasket or air will seep in that way.  

3) Neck gasket dicky

Make sure that you are using the Neck Gasket Dicky correctly. Try the following steps.

  • Place the dicky over your head and position comfortably on your neck before you get into the bed. Make sure that no hair or clothing is between the latex and your skin as that will cause the seal to be broken and air will leak into the bed slowly.
  • Lightly shine/lube the entire top of the dicky. This allows the dicky to stick to the inside of the vacbed and create a seal.
  • Place your head and neck, with the dicky already on, through the neck gasket installed in the bed and smooth out the latex square surrounding the dicky so that it sticks to the inside of the vacbed. smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles.

The neck gasket dicky will provide a vastly superior seal to using a neck gasket that is an incorrect size. Using the Dicky can take a little getting used to and may require some practice and adjusting to get exactly right but is a great option for those who don't want separate vacbeds for separate users. 

4) The hole for the 1-way valve

This should be taped to the frame with clear plastic sports tape (This is the most latex friendly tape we have found. Any brand will do) when the bed is in use if the problem is in this area. Pull the vacbed bag up on to the part that sticks out of the bed and tape it down. Making sure that there are as few wrinkles in your latex as possible for the air to escape from.

5) Vacuum hose to big/small for 1-way valve!

If you find that your vacuum doesn't fit right with the 1.5" inner dimension of the 1-way valve you can try tape, this works well if the difference in size is minimal, however, that does not work well for larger size differences. In that case I would suggest that you take a trip to your local hardware store in the plumbing section and ask someone for an adaptor. It is a good idea to bring the one-way valve and the vacuum hose with you if it is possible to do so. This will give you the best fit and is not an expensive fix. Make sure that your vacuum hose doesn't slot too far into the 1-way valve or it will prevent the valve from working properly. You can also test the valve itself by blowing into one end of the valve. The air should only go one way. If it sucks and blows you will have to contact us about ordering a replacement valve.

6) Small holes or tears in the bed

These can be hard to find if you don't notice them when they happen. You may have to tape up all the ports and breathing options on the bed, submerge it in soapy water and blow air into one end of it to find where it bubbles from. The only thing to do in this situation is to have it repaired. Mark the holes/tears with a sticker or some clear tape and contact us for a quote on a repair.



1) Do you do repairs or alterations?

We take on repairs and alterations on our own products and will sometimes take on repairs from other brands on a case by case basis. If you have something you want done please reach out to us where we can take a look and quote you. We do not repair or alter Chinese brand latex such as latex catfish. You will be responsible for the cost of the repair/alteration as well as the cost of shipping the item to and from our shop. 

2) Why do you ask us to wash our items before we ship them to you? What if I don’t?

Due to the intimate nature of latex usage it is mandatory that your items for repair/alteration come to us free of any lube, shiner, gloss or bodily secretions, freshly washed with hot water and a good amount of dish soap, hung to dry and powdered lightly (to prevent sticking) and bagged so that it is protected and ready for us as soon as we get it. If the item is not sufficiently washed there may be a hefty cleaning fee to be paid before the item is handled or we may refuse to handle it altogether. Please take the time to wash and prep your items correctly so this does not happen. 

3) What is the turnaround time on repairs / alterations?

The turnaround time for repairs and alterations will depend on any number of things but will usually fall within 4-6 weeks. Please contact us for a turnaround time on your specific request as this may change.



Our sheeting comes to you in one continuous piece as long as we have it available. If your sheeting order can not come to you in one continuous piece we will try to reach out to you to ask if it is ok with you first. If we do not hear back from you we will send it as is so make sure to check your e-mails from us!

Sheeting colours can vary slightly by colour batch. This is just the nature of latex sheeting and can not be helped.

Sheeting is non refundable once cut. 



1) How discreet is your shipping?

All our packaging is unbranded and the address it is coming from is under the name Elastica Engineering so that no one will know what it is that you are purchasing. All our shipping documents are electronic so there will be no listed items on the parcels. We take confidentiality seriously. 

2) Who do you ship with?

We ship our packages with FedEx world wide. For some small international packages we may ship instead with DHL and some remote areas of Canada will be shipped to using Canada post due to added charges. We know that shipping is expensive so we try to get you the lowest rates at checkout. 

3) Why is your shipping so expensive?

We pull quotes for shipping right from our FedEx account. The price they give us is the price we quote you. Unfortunately, shipping prices have risen drastically since COVID. If you think the shipping quoted to you is incorrect in any way please contact us and we will double check it for you.  Your items will ship from Canada and we do not cover any additional custom's fees that your country may place on your parcel.

4) Why does my order take a whole 8+ weeks to ship?

Weather your order is a large one or a small one we craft things in the order they come in (or as we get the measurements that we need for your order) we do not prioritise orders based on size. We are a small company of 2 full and 1 part-time humans, a number of whom are not crafters, and we work really hard to keep up with the orders while not rushing production as we set very high standards for our own crafting. We will update the turnaround time periodically to reflect current numbers and if we can ship your order before the due date we will. We try to reach out to you if your order will be too much past the 8 week mark (12 for catsuits) but if you have questions please reach out to us and we can supply you with an update.