VAC BONDAGE - Build Tower/Cube




You will need:

7 x 3 way corners (Included)


1 x 4 way corner (Included)


1 x 1 way valve (Included)


12 x 33” long 1.5” ABS Pipe (cube)    

 If you're building the frame:

Medium grit sandpaper


Drill with a 5cm (3/16”) drill bit




Prepare frame parts

Cut the 1.5” ABS pipe into 12 x 33” tubes for the cube, 4 x 22", 4 x 34.5" and 4 x 54" for the Monolith and 8 x 33" and 4 x 72" for the Skyscraper. You will need to drill small (5 mm or 3/16”) holes through the pipe to allow air to be drawn out of the bed by the vacuum. Drill one hole every 15 cm (6”) or so. Drill in one side of the pipe and out the other. Turn the pipe 90 degrees and do this again.

Now you will need to sand all the holes you just drilled so that there are no rough edges. Latex will pop like a balloon if punctured so this is an important step.


Now you can assemble your frame!





  This is where a friend comes in handy.....


Lay your the latex bag on the floor with the neck gasket at the top (for the cube and monolith), if you have the skyscraper the opening should be at the bottom, and climb inside. Have someone hand you 3 of the 3 way corners and the 4 way corner along with 4 lengths of 33” pipe and hold the bag open for you to work easily. While inside the cube locate the hole for the 4 way corner and start there. Assemble the bottom of the cube then build up from there. PLEASE BE CAREFUL to not pinch the latex in between the pipe and the corner fittings.


At this point you can chose to tape the corners of the cube together for more stability. This is a good idea if you aren't planning on taking it down and storing it away but is not a necessary step.


To seal your vac cube, monolith or skyscraper for use you will want to add a bit of tape (clear hockey tape the best choice we have found as this will not leave a residue) to the outside of the reinforced hole where the 4 way corner exits the bag. This will stop any small leakage of air back into your bed from that area.


Its time to get into your vacbed and try it out! Get a friend to operate the vacuum and close up the bed after you get inside. They are also there to make sure you are safe, happy and well played with. 








Climb inside the cube by stretching the opening downward and crawling in. Position yourself below the neck gasket and reach up with both hands in a prayer position and stretch the neck gasket down over your head to your neck making sure it lays flat against your skin like a turtleneck sweater. If the gasket is too lose you can use a bit of hockey tape to seal it around the neck but BE CAREFUL and always have an easy way out.


Your partner can now smooth out the open end of the cube and sandwich the top and bottom pieces of latex between the closure bar and the cord. This will prevent air leakage from the entrance of the vacbed.

  • Make sure that the closure bar is fully closed. Sometimes when pushing the tube into the closure bar it will make a crunching sound. This is OK.

  • If you are still having trouble adding some lube to the latex at the closure bar should make it easier to close.


Slide the one way valve into the 4 way corner that is now sticking out of the cube and secure it with a little tape. Attach your vacuum cleaner to the one way valve (again tape is the easiest way to do this) and your ready to go!


Turn the vacuum on for about 30 seconds. The cube will seal around you if all is assembled correctly and stay sealed when you turn the vacuum off.

  • If the bed is re-inflating quickly check to see where the air is getting back in. Usually it is from the neck gasket not sitting flush or the closure bar not being sealed all the way.

  • Another common issue is leaking around the reinforced hole for the one way valve. A bit of tape should correct this.


YOUR DONE! Go have fun kids. PLAY SAFE!








We would be more than happy to hear from you and help you out!

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Care instructions:

Wash bed with soap and water. Antibacterial dish soap is great for this.

Hang to dry, then flip inside out and hang to dry again.

When storing your bed always lube or powder it with talc.

Placing in an air tight bag is recommended.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Keep away from metal. May stain or degrade the latex.

Have fun!