MEASURE: Sleepsack

Step 1 : Order your sleepsack online.

Step 2 : You will receive a list of measurements specifically for your order. Get a friend to help you, or take the list of measurements to a place that offers alterations. Usually for a small fee they will take the correct measurements for you. They do not have to know why you need the measurements. *Warning! Do not ask a stranger to measure your junk. You can do that one yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you :p

Step 3 : Send us the measurements, we look over it, draw up your order, craft it, package it and slap a shipping label on it (you will get an e-mail with that info at that time)

Step 4 : Receive the package and ... well ... this part is up to you. 



Have a friend take these measurements. It is VERY important to get these right so that your sleepsack fits you correctly. These are made to be tight.

* Your standing height:
* Circumference around neck:
* Shoe size:
* Is this for a male body type or a female body type (for reference):
* What is the approximate weight of the user (for reference):

1. Circumference around widest part of shoulders:
    a. Distance from shoulder seam to shoulder measurement:
2. Circumference around chest and arms at nipples:
    b. Distance from shoulder seam to nipple measurement:
3. Circumference around stomach and arms at bellybutton:
    c. Distance from shoulder seam to bellybutton measurement:
4. Circumference around hips:
    d. Distance from shoulder seam to hip measurement:
5. Circumference around both thighs:
    e. Distance from shoulder seam to thigh measurement:
6. Circumference around both knees:
    f. Distance from shoulder seam to knee measurement
7. Circumference (distance around) calves:
    g. Distance from shoulder seam to calf measurement
8. Circumference (distance around) both ankles:
    h. Distance from shoulder seam to ankle measurement


If you choose to add options to your sleepsack there are more measurements still we will need. If you are unsure about how to measure for something, please contact us.

**Please note that average zipper length for this is 9" if you require something different please let me know.

* Distance from shoulder seam to top of genitals:

* Distance from shoulder seam to the the tailbone (or top of butt crack) along the back:
* Distance from the tailbone (or butt crack) to the bottom of the butt (where your legs meet your butt):

* Distance from shoulder seam to genitals:
* Circumference around the base of the erect penis:

* Distance from shoulder seam to genitals:
* Circumference around both the erect penis and testicles.
** Make this tight like a metal cock ring. Our cock and ball gaskets do not stretch :
** To measure for a C&B gasket you should measure yourself when you are erect. To get a feel for where the non stretch ring will sit, grip around both your penis and testicles - behind the balls and as close to the body as you can. This is the area you want to measure. Wrap your tape measure around to get your circumference. Repeat this process a couple of times to make sure that you get an even more accurate measurement.

* Where would you like the ports to be located:


If there is anything else you would like us to know , or have any questions. let us know ASAP.

Once we start production orders can not be changed.