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Everything you need to get started on latex crafting! 

This kit includes all the materials you'll need to start your own project, as well as crafting tips - perfect for you DIY-ers. We do not include step by step crafting instructions or patterns but we do offer suggestions on where to find information and like minded crafters where you may find the things you are looking for. For a better look at our latex colour list you can flip through our sheeting -->  HERE

Included in the kit:

  • Two 1 yard pieces of each latex colour selected or 2 continuous yards of one colour

  • Cutting mat

  • Gel pen (for marking seam allowances)

  • **Glue

  • **Thinner

  • **Shiner

  • Glue brush

  • Seam roller

  • Lint-free cloth

  • Scraps for practising

  • Tips and info on where to find crafting instructions

  • Rotary Cutter (**optional**)

Interested in dressing up your project? Grab some latex trims or overlays to go with your kit.  They're prepared prior to shipment so all you have to do is simply wipe, glue and apply. Just like a sticker. We do try to keep all colours and thicknesses in stock. Please understand if your preferred colour is back-ordered. We will contact you if this is the case. Thank you!


**Please note that some places we will not be able to ship liquids to (Such as some parts of Mexico and some international locations) Please check with your local customs if you are unsure. The liquids contain the following: silicone oil (2 oz), rubber cement (2 oz), Heptane thinner (4 oz) We can not be held responsible for un-deliverable items due to customs regulations. If you would like a craft kit without the liquids please e-mail us at before ordering. 

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Great kit for beginners

Looks pretty awesome, only critique is that the cutting mat is pretty small.
Posted by Ashley, Jan 8th 2020

Great Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to get started, as well as a good amount of new material, and high quality scraps. Overall an incredibly worthy purchase
Posted by Brogan W., Nov 18th 2019

Large craft kit

Gives all you need to start crafting. latex is great quality and tools, glue and instructions work great! Cutting matt is a bit small if your looking to make a bigger garment.
Posted by Alexander Roberts, Jul 1st 2019

latex crafting kit

the kit is great, the cutting pad could be bigger bvut everything else is amazing quality and i love crafting latex. would be a good idea to maybe send some patterns for beginners just a thought :)
Posted by Samantha, Jul 11th 2017

Great Starter Kit

Excellent kit to get started. I was hoping for more information on Latex basics, but have found my own resources. Was sent the wrong latex sheets, but the issue was corrected kindly and within a day. I really appreciate this company!
Posted by Rachel, Aug 31st 2016

Awesome kit full of goodies and information

This kit was full of everything I need to get started! Links had a bunch of information and I can even make a few things with the included scraps. Only issue was that the rotary cutter included in the kit has a chipped blade, so it's usable, but leaves tiny spots uncut, creating the need to re-cut parts of the latex. Bought a new one at the fabric store.
Posted by undefined, Jul 19th 2016