Laser-Etched Micro-Breathe Enclosure Hood

This is our total enclosure, but made to include patterned laser etching 
on the surface of the latex. This technique allows
us to etchareas of the
sheeting in great detail, to give the surface the look of scales, pinstripes,
carbon-fibre, hexagonal grids, lace, and more!

This specialty latex hood is constructed to perfectly mould to the face and
head, with no openings at all, except for a series of laser-cut micro holes
around the nose and mouth. These
allow for breathing while
still looking like there is no opening at all from a distance of only a foot or so.
see* = Like wearing pantyhose over your eyes in a dark room
speak** = muted
breath*** = with some difficulty. Not a high activity hood
drink**** = you can messily suck liquids through the micro holes at the mouth if needed. It will get everywhere and not be too successful.
 You can choose the option of having the micro holes 
punched at the mouth, nose and/or eyes (so that it's not a blackout hood, but 
looks like it from the outside!)

You can also add a laser cut overlay to the hood, or add micro-LISTEN holes
to the hood under the "Extras" option if you so desire.
These are super fun
at events as people will wonder how you are functioning inside what appears
to be TOTAL latex enclosure! They'll have to come very very close to see your secret!

Sizes/Options: This hood fits SNUG! If you're between sizes, we suggest sizing up.

  • Small Fits: 20" to 21" around head at eyebrows (13" neck)
  • Medium Fits: 21" to 22" around head at eyebrows (15" neck)
  • Large Fits: 22" to 23" around head at eyebrows (16" neck)
  • X-Large Fits: 24" - 25" around head at eyebrows (18" neck)
  • XX-Large Fits: 26" - 27" around head at eyebrows (20" neck)
  • Custom: We will get extra measurements to make sure the hood fits you.

Color 1 = Face area and back of neck Color

Color 2 = Top of head Color (Horn shaped panel across high forehead and top-sides of head


We do our best to keep all the colours/thicknesses in stock but may occasionally be out. If this is the case we will contact you with an estimated restock date or an option to change the colour/thickness of your order.
Thank you for your understanding.



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Love this hood

Had a small manufactuing error with color selections of first hood. 2 nd hood perfect, better than i can possibly imagine. It looks stunning! Just ask for extra breathing holes a around mouth and nose. The are not visible if you go with an intricate lazer etching like i did. For a small company it has the best customer service of any i have dealt with. Exceptional experience all around. I look forward to doing buisness with kink engineering again. The product is worth the price. Thanks Ryver
Posted by Colin, May 26th 2017