Latex Care 101

WASHING: Start with a quarter sized amount of mild detergent (dish soap/ Viviclean) and comfortably hot water in a non-metal basin. Briefly soak if very lubed up. Rinse with clean water then hang up to dry inside & out. Avoid metal (towel hangers!) or oily surfaces, this may damage your latex.

STORING: Make sure your item is dry in & out before storage. Store items lubed (Vivishine), or powdered with talc in a cool, dark, dry place. Store items individually and don't leave items folded for a long time. 

DRESSING: Two options - talc powder or silicone/ water-based lubricant. Carefully group the latex before sliding it on by the section. Use the palms of your hands to smooth the rest on. Remember to avoid tugging with fingernails or wearing anything sharp. A friend is helpful!

RIPS AND TEARS: Don't panic! If you can get to a hose/ shower it would be the easiest way to slip out without further damaging the item. Bonus to rinsing it out for repair at the same time. Don't wear or play with anything damaged. Deal with accidents right away with our repair kits. Alternatively, we repair most items for a fee. Send an email our way with the maker (NO Latex Catfish), and details of repair. (We love pictures here.)

IMPORTANT: Keep your latex sexy with special care & precautions.

Sunlight: Long-term exposure can lead cloudy latex. Polished latex is not affected as severely as powdered latex. Cleaning & polishing may restore some shine. Remember to keep latex in a dark, dry, cool location.

Metals: Copper & iron will stain latex. Costume jewellery may have copper which skin oils can transfer, leaving a dark stain. Avoid any metals on stain prone light-colored latex. 

Fire: Latex will melt. Beware of candles/ fireplay.

Smoke: Cigarette smoke can irreversibly stain & perfume latex. 

Hygiene Products: Petroleum greases, body oils, lotions, deodorant, perfumes may stain, & degrade your latex. Use silicone-based lube as moisturiser if needed.

Light latex: Requires extra care to prevent staining, & oxidisation. Easiest maintenance colors are black & dark metallics.  

Elastica/ Kink Engineering Inc does not accept responsibility for improper use & storage of our products.

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