MEASURE: Armbinder

How to measure for an armbinder

So you are looking to get an arm binder. Whether you are looking to restrain someone or you are training to become the next Houdini, you will want to make sure that you chose the right size. Here is a quick guide and some extra details for you to ponder for your purchase.


All our arm binders are sized using the same measurements for the standard sizes. This is generally based on standard T-shirt measurements for the shoulders and/or neck and the list below for length. Take the following measurements and record a tally of your size in each one. The most common size from the measurements below will be your standard size. Please note that we will factor in the reduction for tightness so rounding down will not help and you run the risk of purchasing an armbinder that is too tight and cuts off circulation (More on that later) If you are unsure you can always contact us with your measurements for a recommendation. 

Wrist circumference (one wrist)
5"-6" Small
6.5"-7" Medium
7.5"-8.5" Large
9" Extra Large

Fingertips to wrist
6"-7" Small
7"-8" Medium
8"-9" Large
9" Extra Large

Fingertips to elbow
15" Small
17" Medium
19" Large
21" Extra Large

Fingertips to mid-bicep
19" Small
21" Medium
23" Large
26" Extra Large


This is the option you will want to chose if your measurements are all over the place, you have a physical limitation (non-flexible user, extra wide or narrow shoulders and/or neck, or physical abnormality such as a hunch back or amputation). There is a detailed and extensive list of measurements that are required if you chose to get your arm binder custom sized and will require a bit of back and forth messaging through the order so if you chose this option, make sure to look out for our e-mail.


There are a few things to keep in mind when using a latex armbinder for the sake of the safety and comfort of your user.

  • Buy the correct size. Neglecting to do so can cut off circulation in the user and, worst case scenario, cause nerve damage. 
  • Monitor your user. See above. Also, it's the responsible thing to to. Don't be an irresponsible player. That's the worst. Don't be the worst.
  • Take care of your gear. This may seem like it is out of place here but I assure you it is not. Poorly maintained gear of any kind can be dangerous. If there is a nick in the latex, the straps are wearing out, your laces are fraying or the grommets are getting rusty you run the risk of a blow out (catastrophic tear) which can harm both the user and the other players involved. If something looks off, take a photo of it and send it to us. We can repair or replace most of our gear or give you tips on doing it yourself. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Now that you have the basics down, go ahead and get your gear! Have more questions? Want a different colour or different hardware? Send us a message below! We are always here to help (as long as it is Monday to Friday 9-5 and not a North American holiday. Then we are off and you will have to wait till we get back).