MEASURE: Vacuum Bondage




Lie on the ground with your hands at your side , look up at the ceiling and point your toes away from you. Have a friend measure you for this. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you get these measurements right.




* Your overall hight: __feet __inches


* Tiptoes to middle of mouth: __inches


* Tiptoes to base of neck: __inches   (base of neck is the low point where a collar would sit)


* Circumference of your neck: __inches




** This is an Important measurement! Please be as accurate as possible!:


* Genitals to base of neck: __inches


* Genitals to middle of mouth : __inches


* Circumference of the base of your erect penis : __inches


* Circumference of the base of both your erect penis and testicles**: __inches


** To measure for a C&B gasket you should measure yourself when you are erect. To get a feel for where the non stretch ring will sit, grip around both your penis and testicles - behind the balls and as close to the body as you can. This is the area you want to measure. Wrap your tape measure around to get your circumference. Repeat this process a couple of times to make sure that you get an even more accurate measurement. This gasket is similar to that of a metal cock ring.




* Where would you like the ports? If your not sure just ask! :




* Anything else we should know? Don't be shy!:        






**CAUTION** If you are over 5”10” you should consider a LONG or EXTRA LONG bed as your head and toes will bump up against the frame in a standard-length bed. Contact us if you want to upgrade the length of your bed.




Measure any/all people you expect to use the vacbed and provide us with a max/min measurement so we can fit it as best we can to your body type(s). Inches or CM are fine. Please be as accurate as possible. For a visual guide check out:




You need to build a frame (if you're making it yourself) or assemble a frame (if you bought one from us)


Instructions here: