Radical Rubber

Metallic Petrol (Metallic Black) 0.40mm


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Colour: Metallic Petrol (Formerly Metallic Black)
Thickness: ~0.40 mm
Width: ~100 cm (~39") 
Transparency: Opaque
Length: Sold by the yard - we do our best ship one unbroken piece of the yardage you select up to 10 yards.
Supplier: Radical Rubber
Renamed by Radical Rubber in 2019, Petrol, formerly known as Metallic Black, is the same as the Metallic Black that you are used to.
A black with blue metallic flakes - goes with pretty much everything! Very close to the Metallic Peacock. 
SKU: 140 M100-0.40


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metallic shimmer of greatness

the metallic shimmer in this color gives me life. I bought it and set it next to their normal and translucent black and it compliments them well which is what I needed but on its own it's inspired me in a thousand ways for a million projects. if you want that deep onyx black shimmer, this is for you. this is for everyone. no flaws, a perfect cut, and great customer service. you can tell that they care and that's unique.
Posted by Jessica, Jul 29th 2017