Latex Care 101



WASHING: To wash your latex use dish soap, baby shampoo or Viviclean to clean your products. You're going to run a sink/bucket/bathtub full of hot water, put some soap in there (use more if the item is really lubed up), throw the garment in and swish it around. Let is soak for a bit if there's a lot of lube on it. Then rinse clean and let dry. The most important part of cleaning the latex is to lube/Vivishine or powder it as soon as it's dry.


STORING: You want to make sure that there's a barrier on your latex to protect it from the elements. So when you store it, either treat it with silicone-based lubricant (any silicone lube or Vivishine will do) or with talcum/baby powder. Then store it in a cool, dark, dry place.


DRESSING: There are two options - talcum/baby powder or lubricant. You can use any silicone-based or water-based lubricant for dressing. It's really a matter of personal preference.Use the palms of your hands to smooth the garments on instead of gripping with fingernails. Remember to handle your latex carefully - Pulling too hard can leave permanent indents nails or jewelry can create tears.


RIPS AND TEARS: Don't panic! Exit the garment/gear. Try not to tear it any further (but if you do, that's fine). Don't wear or play with anything that has signs of wear and tear on it. You want to deal with that right away. If you're familiar with latex, you can clean off any silicone lubricant and patch it up yourself. If you don't know how to repair latex, we sell craft kits that can be used for repairs or we're happy to repair it for you. Either way, drop us a line.


IMPORTANT:Latex is a delicate material and requires special care and precautions.

  • Sunlight: If exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time, the latex can become cloudy. Polished latex is not effected as severely as powdered latex. In some cases, cleaning and polishing the garment will restore most of the shine to the latex. *note: indirect sunlight can also effect latex, so store out of the light!

  • Metals: Copper and iron will stain latex. A lot of costume jewelry has copper in it, and oils from the skin can pick up the copper and transfer it to latex, leaving a dark stain. Best to avoid any metals on light-colored latex (which is more prone to staining).

  • Fire: Latex will melt. Don't catch on fire while you're wearing latex.

  • Smoke: Cigarette smoke can stain latex, and the smell of smoke will stay in your latex.

  • Body oils/deodorants/moisturizers:Never use petroleum based products, greases like baby-oil, or body lotions with latex. It will stain. Pro tip: if you have dry skin, use silicone lube as a dressing aid instead of putting on moisturizer.

  • Light latex: Lighter latex is more prone to staining. I tell clients to avoid white (it will stain if you look at it funny), and be cautious with pastels. If you're new to latex, the easiest colors to maintain are black and dark metallics


Elastica Engineering Inc does not accept responsibility for any staining or distortion of latex items as these processes are beyond our control.