About Us

Kink Engineer (K.E.) was founded in 2008 by two young engineers: Matt and Marika. It was developed out of an interest in latex fashion, fetish and design. K.E. initially focused on the improvement of latex vacuum bondage beds (vacbeds) that were either prohibitively expensive or available through unreliable DIY sites. The addition of collapsible frames, airtight closure entry and one-way valves allowed for a more portable bed, easy storage and reduced the need to run noisy vacuums during a scene while maintaining its air-tight seal. K.E. quickly gained a reputation for innovation within the latex community.

With the same focus that was given to the vacbed, a line of bondage gear was the next step in the company. Multiple hood variations, inflatables, accessories, sleep sacks and a laser-cutter were added to the lineup in 2011. A growing need for larger amounts of sheet latex triggered K.E. to branch into the import and resale of sheet goods to other latex fashion and bondage houses. Currently K.E. is the largest sheeting reseller in North America, with over 50 different colors and thicknesses, and three different brands of sheeting.

With their studio location near the Toronto film and television district, a second arm of the company was further developed in 2010. Elastica Engineering started as a small specialty shop providing latex costuming, patches, laser cutting services for multiple products. From concept sketch to completed garments, accessories, set decoration and props. Elastica has worked on such films and TV shows as Pacific Rim, Suicide Squad, The Strain, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Trek: Discovery, Handmaid’s Tale, American Gods and many more.

As the specialized experience of the two companies evolved a new group of friends were made; Furries have a fursona or character based on a creature. These fursonas can take on many forms and K.E. is there to create extravagant body suits based off clients animated spec sheets. These creations use all the skills in the K.E. toolbelt - including foam cast techniques, laser etching, inflatables and expert design drafting.

The K.E. and Elastica brands have matured over the years with their markets. K.E. frequently participates and educates in the fetish/BDSM community promoting safe and enjoyable play; while Elastica has joined Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD). This Alliance allows for better networks of creative people, promoting skills education with subject experts.

The company is currently made up of Marika, Owner and Designer. Ryver, Office Manager and Laser Programs. Mei, Craft Construction. Douglas, Cheerleader.

Kink Engineering can be found on social media using @kinkengineering or reached through our general email Info@kinkengineering.com