Polymorphe Latex

POLYMORPHE Metallic Grasshopper


Product Details

Colour: Metallic Grasshopper
Thickness: ~
0.38-0.43 mm
Width: ~76 cm (~30") 
Transparency: Opaque
Length: Sold by the yard or pre cut piece available in the drop down- we will do our best to ship unbroken yardage, the longest possible yardage is ~3.5 continuous yards. Contact us for whole roll orders.
Supplier: Polymorphe

Polymorphe metallics have to be seen in person and shined to really appreciate their awe-inspiring beauty. No metallic flakes, just a surreal sheen that makes you think your dreaming up the colour. 
This, however, you actually have to see to believe. It is both Bright green, deep green and gold all at the same time. It shifts like a poly-chrome. It's indescribable! Which explains this really bad description of it!

This sheeting is sourced from POLYMORPHE Latex in Montreal, Canada. It's hand-poured and by far the best quality latex we've seen. Since it's manufactured in small batches, the longest possible length is ~3.5 yards.
The sheeting comes backed with craft paper on one side, powdered on the other.




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