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POLYMORPHE White 0.40mm


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Colour: White
Thickness: ~0.38-0.43 mm
Width: ~79 cm (~30") 
Transparency: Opaque
Length: sold by the yard - we will do our best to ship unbroken yardage. Since this is hand-poured latex, the longest possible yardage is ~3.5 continuous yards.
Supplier: Polymorphe 

This sheeting is sourced from POLYMORPHE Latex in Montreal, Canada. It's hand-poured and by far the best quality latex we've seen. Since it's manufactured in small batches, the longest possible length is ~3.5 yards.
The sheeting comes backed with craft paper on one side, powdered on the other.


Please note: Though white latex can stains easily, this is BY FAR the most resilient white that we have ever come across! So YAY for that! Read the reviews for other crafters experiences!



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blindingly white

Like, this is so white it actually can hurt to look at! In a good way, that is. And normally I stay away from white, it stains so easy and it's not really white. BUT THIS WHITE, it stays white. I have tried to stain it. A month in sunlight, permanent marker, curry spices. Always wipes clean. It's beyond impressive
Posted by Doll Hart, Mar 26th 2018

Outstanding, Really White Latex

Top quality latex. The color really is pure white - not the slightest hint of beige. Like other Polymorphe sheeting, one side is incredibly sticky, but that goes away with application of silicone and general use. This latex also bonds very well. I accidentally tore a piece while trying to take a bad seam apart.
Posted by undefined, Nov 29th 2016