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Sakura Overlay 50" wide VacBed


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Our most ambitious and beautiful vacbed to date!

This is our standard vacbed product with the addition of a stunning set of laser cut cherry blossoms along the length of the bed. The branches will be the same colour as the bottom/sides, making it look like the cherry blossoms are growing right out of your bed. This makes for a beautiful art piece as well as a functional bondage device. Offered in any of our in stock Radical Rubber or Polymorphe colours. You can choose different colours for top and bottom sheets! You can also choose the colours of the Sakura print. This is fully customisation for you. It's offered in a choice of any two colours/thicknesses of Radical Rubber or Polymorphe sheeting that is in stock, one colour for the top, one for the bottom and with lots of options to make it perfect just for you.

We custom build each and every vacbed so that it works for you exactly as you want it to. There will also be some back and forth emails to make sure you get your bed to your specifications.

What makes our beds special?

Our vacbeds feature a one-way valve and unique closure mechanism, making them air-tight. This means longer, quieter play with no risk of your vacuum overheating or your neighbours wondering why the heck you're obsessively cleaning your apartment at 2 am. Our vacbeds typically do not include a frame - it makes shipping really expensive, and they're really easy to make. However, we're happy to make one for you - just be sure to select YES! For the frame option.

Standard works for 5'10" and under
Long (+$40) works for 6'3" and under
Extra Long (+$80)for people over 6'3"
Extra Extra Long (+$120) if you want more room to put your hands above you.

If you get a bed that is too short you run the risk of the frame hitting your feet or your head hitting the frame. This can be uncomfortable and take away from the experience.

The Vacuum Bed comes with:

  • Latex Vacuum Sack
  • Your choice of multiple breathing options
  • Your choice of additional ports and gaskets so you can access the "naughty bits"
  • The option get a longer bed to suit your needs.
  • Bed closure bar (seals bed for play)
  • Vacuum connector with one way valve
  • Frame instructions
  • Assembly and Usage Instructions


Colour 1 = Top Colour of vacbed (Suggested thickness 0.25 mm or 0.40 mm)
Colour 2 = Sides and Bottom Colour of Vacbed (Suggested thickness 0.40 mm or 0.60 mm)

***PLEASE NOTE: Some options may change the price of your order.

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