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LOVE US? We love you too!!
  • Maybe we did a good job of helping you out with your "LATEX EMERGENCY"?
  • Maybe we added a special custom option to your order?
  • Maybe we helped you solve a problem with a product you've had for a while?
  • Maybe we helped you solve a problem with a product that we didn't even sell you in the first place?


I'm glad we could help. We do bend over backwards for our customers whenever possible and just like a waiter or a bellhop...you can give one of our employees a tip. 
It's a pretty nice thing to do, and it helps us keep everyone excited about solving all of your strange latex related problems.

If someone in particular helped you out, please select their name from the Employee drop down and select the quantity of dollars you want us to give them as a tip for their help servicing you.
100% of your tip will go to the person who served you.

If you want to tip someone but you don't know who did the work just ask! We would be happy to help find that out for you..

Marika - Owner, Operator, Builder of fun things
Bre - Designer, Crafter and Pattern Drafter
Ryver - Customer Service, Admin, Orders/Shipping, Laser Tec

And thank you! Your AWESOME!

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helped loads with a custom order

i tipped the indivudal who helped me through out my custom order due to them being amazing. very attentive, quick response time and handled me flooding them with information very very well. always tip for any custom work, it's worth it l.
Posted by Jessica , Jul 27th 2017

Quality made product with friendly customer service

Everything I have received has been well made and customer service regarding the products is top notch.
Posted by David, Mar 9th 2017