Vacuum Play Safety



The vacuum products we provide on our web site are a lot of fun, but fun ends quickly if you or someone else gets hurt. Take a minute to review these safety warnings and our disclaimer.


  1. NEVER USE YOUR BED ALONE. We are serious about this. It has been a deadly endeavor for some and we promise you it is not worth it. Never. Solo bondage. In a Vac Bed. 
  2. Do not use a super powerful vacuum. Our one way valves are designed so that you should not need to have your vacuum on all the time. You will be able to achieve the same level of suction from a regular vacuum. Do not leave the vacuum running. We have provided you with a one way valve and you should not need it constantly on. 
  3. EAR PLUGS! If you don't have a neck gasket, consider using ear plugs. The pressure on your ears can be painful and you wouldn't want to get permanent damage. We suggest waterproof ear plugs (not the foam ones) or covering your ears another way, such as with a hood or a swim cap. 
  4. Always have a signal. You and your partner should have a signal for emergencies before you test out the bed. Be prepared for the worst case scenario so that you have a plan for everything. 
  5. Discomfort is bad. If you feel any extreme discomfort immediately let air back in the bed and take a moment. At that point you can chose to re position yourself and try again. Note that prolonged sessions can lead to stiffness and soreness. You may want to break up your sessions if this is an issue. 
  6. Health Check. We recommend that any users of vacuum products be in general good health. We advise against any individual with heart and/or respiratory conditions using this product. Please exercise care if you chose to do so.  
  7. If the user becomes non responsive. Always be prepared to get someone out in a hurry. Have safety scissors within reach for such occasions and cut open the bag, pull the person out of the bed and call 911.  
  8. Know what you're doing. Both you and your partner must be well acquainted with vac bed use and emergency procedures. It is important for both parties to know the ins and outs of use. Doing a quick google search will help you brush up on your knowledge of this wonderful and fun past time. 
  9. NEVER USE YOUR BED ALONE. We really can not stress this enough. If you think you have it all perfectly planned, you don't. Just don't do it. Trust us on this one.


*Disclaimer* Safety is your responsibility. The use of any of our items are at your own risk. Elastica (Kink) Engineering Inc.Is not liable for any resulting damage, injury or expense. It is your responsibility to make sure that your activities are safe, consensual and comply with any applicable local laws.