About Us!

So you want to know about us huh!?!

Kink Engineering was founded in 2008 by Matt and Marika (aka Mad Scientist and Archean). Originally known for their vacbeds, they went on to start selling latex sheeting, and laser-cut latex hoods, inflatables and all things bizarre and rubbery.

Marika is now head of the company, and has added film work, custom latex clothing/patches and laser cutting services to their roster.

Marika (owner, operator, head architect) along with May (crafter and framer) and Ryver (everything else) make up the core Kink Engineering team. 

We've worked on many a fun project in the fashion, film and music industries. And almost always have something on the go. To see some of our work, check out our day-to-day happenings on Instagram. [ @KinkEngineering ]

Here's what people have had to say about us!:

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So without going into great detail wanted to say we LOVED the bedding set. I’ve recommended you to a friend and looking forward to other purchases in the future. I’m not a big blogger. Just here and there, but will try to pass on the great work/ product as I can.  By: GEOFF  Apr 1st 2019 @ 9:19 AM