Latex scraps for all your scrappy needs!

Why would you need scraps?

  • You can make your own trim

  • Great for accessories and smaller piece

  • Need to create your own applique? (we also make these, you should take a look!!)

  • Make very tiny catsuits for all your cats!**

  • Latex confetti?????

**Disclaimer: We do not condone this but if you make this a thing please send pictures

Then you need our awesome Bag-O-Scraps!

Chose a colour and we will try to give you pieces in the same colour wheel (ie. choose Pink and you may get some Bubblegum, Fuchsia, Metallic or Light Pink in the same bag) OR... ask for one hue (in the comments at check out) and we will try our best to give you all the same hue per bag, however some variations may be included depending on availability.
If you have a preference for a specific colour or would like "lighter or "darker" versions of the colour you chose please say so and we will do our best to accommodate you.

All pieces are irregular shapes and may be a mixture of thicknesses unless you state otherwise. They will be at least hand size or larger. 

Happy crafting!

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Bag O’ Scraps

I ordered a bag of scraps to try and flex my ideas of latex clothes making. At first I got a shipment with some decent pieces that I was okay with, but wasn’t sure if the amount was worth the cost. Come to find out I had a second parcel that was delivered to someone else in the neighborhood and they opened it. It gave me a good laugh thinking of what was going through their heads when they got it and opened it HAHA. This bag had almost a yard of a color and some other scraps which made me really happy. So far I’ve been able to make a small crop top bra and some panties for my petite self and I know I can get another set of something out of the leftover scraps. Great buy!
Posted by Carleigh T., Dec 31st 2019

Bag o scraps

I was a little worried that I would be getting tiny little things that weren't worth more than confetti, but this little bag of fun is probing useful. Its a great way to get some material to goof around with and practice some tougher techniques. What a great little deal
Posted by Drimmin, Aug 26th 2019


5 stars Excellent
Posted by shawn morin, Jul 29th 2019

Material test swatches

Exactly what I was looking for, a bag of scraps for material tests :-P honestly got more little bits than I thought I would... Which was great!
Posted by Emrik, Nov 9th 2017

very good and large scraps

these bags are perfectly weighted and filled to the brim I have bought multiple bags of these scraps in all different colors and every time I am behind impressed. the scraps aren't itty bitty useless small pieces they are large and every piece is enough to do whatever you need them for. with every order I make here I'm prepared to buy one if these bags. and to top it off the staff here is amazing and any issues you may run into with your order they'll jump through hoops to fix.
Posted by Jessica Masseth, Jun 30th 2017

Great service! (& good large "scraps")

The scraps were good, but what was fantastic was the service - they contacted me to check what I was looking for when ordering scraps! Great team!
Posted by Al, Mar 7th 2017


Big pieces for scraps. Perfect for practicing and trim, as well as making panty panels!
Posted by Rachel, Aug 31st 2016

Great pieces for the right prices

Exactly what I need to make some repairs. Little of this and that.
Posted by undefined, Aug 29th 2016

Big scaps - two colors

Nice to have such large pieces to work with. The inclusion of a second color was nice as well.
Posted by Jane, Aug 21st 2016