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Not too sure? Take a GOOD look!

Sometimes you want to be sure that the colour you want is the colour your getting. Our set of latex swatches are 2" or 4" square pieces of all our regularly in stock latex will help you chose the right colour and thickness of latex sheeting for you or your item!. 

 2" x 2" swatches:

  • Small 2 inch by 2 inch squares of all our current latex colours and brands and thicknesses.

  • Small swatches are not labelled. You should be able to reference the list included and match the colours without issue.

  • Please keep in mind that all our prices are in USD

4" x 4" swatches:

  • These are our Film Industry Standard swatch packs

  • Large 4 inch by 4 inch squares of all our current colours and brands and thicknesses.

  • Each swatch is labelled with the colour, the supplier and the price and thickness

  • Please keep in mind that all our prices are in USD

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Good Tester Pack.

Got these swatches and it is very easy to tell between all the different colors. No substitute for seeing it right in front of you.
Posted by undefined, Sep 27th 2018

Great for planning out new pieces

This swatch pack is great to use when planning out a new order. It is wonderful to see all the colors in person and to feel out the different thicknesses. [recommend the labeled version for reduced hassle]
Posted by medeine, Mar 18th 2018

Great swatch!

So nice to be able to see all the available options in person and all the wonderful colours! The hard part is picking which ones to select :)
Posted by undefined, Jan 16th 2018

Color swatch review

There are extremely helpful in deciding what to get especially on a large purchase or frequent customers. My only this is the lack of order! I mean, for the most part they are in order on the paper but they aren't secured together so your not 100% sure you have the right one and it's easy to mess up the order. We just ran a hook and yarn through them but they may still be out of order.
Posted by Stanley Napolitano, Nov 30th 2017


I bought the one with the labels [thank the gods] and that's the one you will want if your looking to purchase. the labels make it a lot easier to manage the colors and thickness and even include the prices. they're good sizes, and very very good material. and the shipping is as always prompt.
Posted by Jessica Masseth, Jun 30th 2017

Could really use a label

The samples are great, especially if you're new to latex and want to make sure you're picking out the right thicknesses or color. The not so great is spending 20 minutes figuring out which one is which. I understand not labeling them keeps the cost down, but even having them in a certain order with a printed list of what the order is would go a long way.
Posted by undefined, Jan 4th 2017


interesting colours and finishing
Posted by undefined, Jun 29th 2016