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Neck-Entry Sleepsack/Bodybag


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Our popular sleepsack is back and sturdier than ever!

This neck-entry sleepsack is custom made to your measurements to fit anyone big or small, short or tall. Two zippers at the shoulders open up the top of the sleepsack/bodybag and allow you to slide in like a sleeping bag. This is the sleekest looking and most customizable sleepsack/bodybag we have to offer, however due to the non stretch nature of the neck zippers, may not be a good choice for someone who's bottom half is larger then their shoulders.

Your arms can move freely or you can add internal sleeves to restrict your movements. Play ports, gaskets and easy access zippers to all your favourite areas can be added onto your order. All zippers added will be black by default but we will colour match if we have that zipper colour available. All locking zippers are black. Our sleepsacks/bodybags are made with your choice of Radical Rubber latex. Available in over 50 colours, and in thicknesses up to 0.8 mm to give you the ultimate rubber bondage experience. Fair warning, it may take you a bit to get into this thing as it is made to be TIGHT! 

Did we mention it's ALWAYS custom made to your measurements? After ordering, we will contact you to ask for the required measurements. As this is a custom product, please allow a 4-6 week turnaround time.   

*Shown: Neck entry sleepsack in Radical Rubber Translucent Lilac with internal sleeves and both front and back naughty zips. Rubberdoll microbreath hood in Radical Rubber Translucent Lilac not included.

**Please note: some options may alter the final price.

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Super comfy and rubberlicious

I love this sack - It's extremely comfortable and perfectly cut. I'll use it either alone or as an additional layer inside the vac bed ;) PS - It has a really nice rubbery smell
Posted by NWRubber, Feb 1st 2017