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Shoulder Zipper Entry - M2M Sleepsack


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This neck-entry sleepsack is totally bespoke to you starting from your measurements to the final trim & finishes.

2 standard or locking shoulder zippers open up the sleekest looking and most customizable sleepsack/bodybag to slide into. Considering that the zippers are not stretchy this option may not be optimal for “spoon’ or “pear” shape body types.


  • Internal sleeves: Enhanced arm constrictions. 
  • Electrical/ enema port: 1 or 2 “sleeve(s)” attached to 1 ¾” hole(s). Leave an order note for extras or specific placement.
  • Open penis gasket: A latex sleeve custom-sized to hug the penis similar to a condom except head is uncovered. Can be reverse inserted into a vagina similar to a female condom. We do not offer moulded penis sheaths at this time. 
  • Cock AND Ball Gasket: Custom-sized non-stretch latex cock & testicle(s) ring that sits on the pubic bone.
  • Genital Access: Regular or locking 9” zippers at front, back, or both. Double the fun!
  • Check out a detailed description of our gasket options here.

Locking zippers are only available in black and regular zippers will be colour-matched if possible. 

After ordering, we will contact you to ask for the required measurements. Current production-time is 6 - 8 weeks for this one-of-a-kind experience. 

**As shown on Reflective Desire: Neck entry sleepsack in Radical Rubber Translucent Lilac with internal sleeves and both front and back naughty zips. Rubberdoll microbreath hood in Radical Rubber Translucent Lilac not included.

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Sleepsack 0.8mm

It is a bit of a struggle to get in. But Once zipped in there is really no way out. Absolutely wonderful experience.
Posted by Koen, Jan 8th 2021

Super comfy and rubberlicious

I love this sack - It's extremely comfortable and perfectly cut. I'll use it either alone or as an additional layer inside the vac bed ;) PS - It has a really nice rubbery smell
Posted by NWRubber, Jan 31st 2017