Neck Entry - M2M Sleepsack

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This neck-entry sleepsack is totally bespoke to you starting from your measurements to the final finishes.

There are no entry zippers on this one, making this the sleekest looking sleepsack/bodybag we have. This means that you are getting in through the neck hole. Please note that this does make getting in, and out of, the sleepsack much more difficult as they are built to fit tight to the body. You may require an assistant. This sleepsack is only available in 0.4mm latex.


  • Electrical/ enema port: 1-2" sleeves attached to 1 ¾” holes. Allows cords and tubes to exit the sleepsack comfortably.
  • Open Penis Sleeve: A latex sleeve custom-sized to hug the penis similar to a condom except head is uncovered. 
  • Cock AND Ball Gasket: Custom-sized non-stretch latex cock & ball ring that sits on the pubic bone.
  • Genital Access: Regular or locking 9” zippers at front, back, or both. Double the fun!
  • Check out a detailed description of our gasket options here.

About our chlorination: We've developed a unique 2-step chlorination process that locks a high shine coating onto the surface, unlike most chlorination that can leave garments dull and somewhat patchy. 

After ordering, we will contact you to ask for the required measurements. Please make sure that the e-mail address you check out with is correct. 

**Any of our hoods are available made-to-matchIf you would like a hood in a Radical Rubber colour to match your sleepsack please contact us at to check colour availability and for further instructions.

**As shown: Radical Rubber black, Neck Entry sleepsack. Hood not included.