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Front Zipper Entry - M2M Sleepsack


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This front-entry sleepsack is totally bespoke to you starting from your measurements to the final trim & finishes.

These are meant to fit tight! 3-way, 1-way standard or 1-way locking zipper(s) open up this enticing encasement to slide into.


Locking zippers are only available in black. Shop extra genital options on our Back-Entry and Neck-Entry sleepsacks.

About our chlorination: We've developed a unique 2-step chlorination process that locks a high shine coating onto the surface, unlike most chlorination that can leave garments dull and somewhat patchy. 

After ordering, we will contact you to ask for the required measurements. Please make sure the e-mail address you check out with is correct.

**Any of our hoods are available made-to-match. If you would like a hood in a Radical Rubber colour to match your sleepsack please contact us at to check colour availability and for further instructions.



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Zipper Sleepsack

I've received this one months and months ago and i've been using it almost every week. The fit is perfect, team has been very helpful for measurement. High quality!! Loving so much the green colour. Highly recommending you to have this one in your wardrobe
Posted by Sebastian, 2022 Dec 14th

High expectations exceeded!

As someone who loves latex for play, I knew this would be a great experience, but I didn’t realize how great it would be! Being inside this feels amazing, and my play partners report that the outside experience is really fun too! Also compared with other forms of latex bondage and non-latex constriction, there’s no setup and it’s very easy to get into, meaning that I get to enjoy it more often. The build quality is great (as I’ve come to expect) and it fits really well. I got the 1-way zipper option, which is also really nice: as well as adding to the experience it stops the zipper from slowly sliding down during intense play. If you think this is something you’d enjoy, don’t hesitate to get one!
Posted by Firetiger, 2020 Aug 30th