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Tailored Re-breather


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This hood covers the whole head and includes an extra air reservoir “pouch” area over the nose & mouth. The hood has a reinforced 0.37” (3/8") hole front to allow for the wearer of the mask to breathe slow, smooth, deep breaths. 

A length of rigid tube can be offered to keep the breathing hole accessible, leave a request in the order notes.

The fit on the Tailored Re-breather is tighter compared to our Simple Re-breather. The Tailored Re-breather is designed to hug the back and sides of the head keeping the pocket of air at the front of the hood whereas the Simple Re-breather is less formed and less rigid in structure.

Measure your head with the hairstyle you are going to wear with the hood. Thick hair may change your size. If you are between sizes, size up, or customize. 


  • Small: 20” - 21” around forehead at eyebrows (13” - 14” neck)
  • Medium: 21.5” - 22” around forehead at eyebrows (14.5” - 15.5” neck)
  • Large: 22.5” - 23” around forehead at eyebrows (16” - 17” neck)
  • X-Large: 24” - 25” around forehead at eyebrows (17.5” - 18.5” neck)
  • Custom: Email us!

Closure options are zippered with a standard, or locking zipper.

For a better representation of colours check out our Radical Rubber (for translucent colours) or Supatex colours


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