Vivishine 'To-Go'


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 VIVISHINE Wipes are the portable solution you have been waiting for


VIVISHINE replaces typical latex care products such as silicon spray, creme or other polishing products. 


VIVISHINE provides a long-lasting gloss to latex outfits when wearing and keeps them protected when storing. It is an essential product for any latex lover.

These handy wipes are ready and waiting to provide you the perfect latex shine wherever you go. Easy to carry in clutch, boot or bra. One wipe can touch up an area for a quick re-shine anytime, anywhere!

Each box contains 10 individually packaged wipes pre loaded with VIVISHINE for easy travel.

  • Great for parties, photo-shoots and outdoor events

  • Refresh your perfect shine with a single wipe

  • Removes smudges, lint and dust

  • Cares for your latex and protection from the elements

  • Solvent-free and odourless

  • No spray or leakage (no slippery floors!)

  • Easy to carry and conceal 



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