Vivishine Latex Polish


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Shine, Store, Protect

VIVISHINE replaces typical latex care products such as silicon spray, creme or other polishing products. 

VIVISHINE provides a long-lasting gloss to latex outfits  when wearing and keeps them protected when storing. It is an essential product for any latex lover.

Vivishine is super simple to use - add a bit to a bucket of hot water, swish your latex around and get a perfect, slime free shine.

Those who have tried it, swear by it. Those who haven't seriously don't know what they're missing.

Bottles are 150 mL each

For more information, check out the Vivishine website.

MSDS available upon request (only available in German)

**Please note that there may be some places we are unable to ship liquids to. We can not be held liable for un-deliverable items due to local custom regulations. 





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this is exactly what I needed. as always follow the directions and you won't have any issues, don't and you still won't have any but it's always good to do it how they say. works perfectly and the shine this gives my latex is phenomenal. buy it buy it buy it.
Posted by Jessica Masseth, Jun 30th 2017