Radical Rubber

Black 0.40mm


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Product Details
Colour: Black 
Thickness: ~0.40 mm
Width: ~100 cm (~39")
Transparency: Solid Opaque. This latex allows no light through.
Length: Sold by 1 yard increments (36") - we will do our best to ship one unbroken piece of the yardage you select up to 10 yards .
Supplier: Radical Rubber
Black 0.40 mm sheeting is the most popular colour and thickness for general purpose latex clothing and crafting use. It is versatile and can be used for almost all types of clothing that require stretch, strength, durability and flowing parts.

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Latex black .4

Great service and product.... looks great on !!
Posted by Graem, Dec 31st 2019

Le fameux Review

J'aime votre latex! <3
Posted by Pierre, Sep 22nd 2019

Great quality latex!

We used this to make a Morticia Addams dress and it turned out perfect! Such great quality material and fast shipping! Very happy. Will order again.
Posted by undefined, Nov 12th 2018


This latex is the best quality! It has really good tear resistance. Glues extremely well and the one side is really shiny. You can undersize for a tighter fit without worrying about ripping, splitting or tearing. No allergic reaction compared to cheaper latex. Also very comfortable to wear. Highly recommended product and the ladies at Kink Eng. always helpful with crafting advice.
Posted by Frank, Sep 11th 2018

Always good

I'm always happy with the sheets I get from KE. They're friendly and helpful where ever they're able to be.
Posted by Ariyanna, Aug 25th 2017


it's well stored, sent quickly and no blemishes or any issues. fantastic customer service and a fantastic product
Posted by Jessica Masseth, Jun 30th 2017

Seems good

Qualiy is consistant throughout the sheet. no thin spots. Obviously not shiny but that was expected.
Posted by undefined, Dec 14th 2016

.40 Black

Amazing quality latex and exceptional customer service! Wow
Posted by Kent, Aug 31st 2016