Radical Rubber

Black 0.25mm


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Radical Rubber Latex Sheeting

Made from pure natural latex and is free from silicone and other additives. It is manufactured with a glossy upside and roughened underside to ensure a high-quality finish and good key for sticking. Works with any standard latex glue.

Width: 39.5"

Length: Sold by the yard (36") up to 10 yards continuous.

Sheeting care here.


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Great quality latex!

We used this to make a Morticia Addams dress and it turned out perfect! Such great quality material and fast shipping! Very happy. Will order again.
Posted by undefined, Nov 12th 2018

I can't rave enough

this color. this thickness. this product. this store. everything is perfect. everything is always perfect.
Posted by Jessica Masseth, Jun 30th 2017

Good quality latex

The sheet arrived folded up into a small rectangle, in a plastic bag. The packaging on the outside was relatively discreet, as well - "Elastica Engineering" sounds scientific rather than kinky, which is good. The latex itself is very high quality, with a consistent thickness, and no defects. Overall, worth the purchase.
Posted by undefined, Aug 17th 2016