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Laser etching details on our OG micro-breathe hood. Featuring scales, pinstripes. carbon-fibre, hexagons, lace, and custom requests!

How it works: Our in-house laser etches the shiny surface of the sheet to reveal a matte, precise pattern. It is then laser cut with your choice of micro breathe holes. The end product has the look of a blackout hood, with breathing and/or seeing options. 

Please note that etching burns a way a thin surface layer from the sheeting to create the matte pattern effects. This means that the latex will be thinner in some areas. Please take extra care when putting it on or taking it off to make sure that your fingers/fingernails do not go through the latex.

Micro-hole Descriptor: 

  • Eyes: Looking through dark sunglasses in a dark room
  • Mouth: Speaking muffled, slurp liquids messily, inhalation with some difficulty. 
  • Nose: Breathing with some difficulty.  
  • Ear: Listening faint, reduces ear pressure.

Measure your head with the hairstyle you are going to wear with the hood. Thick hair may change your size. If you are between sizes, size up, or customize. 


  • Small: 20” - 21” around forehead at eyebrows (13” neck)
  • Medium: 21” 22” around forehead at eyebrows (15” neck)
  • Large: 22” - 23” around forehead at eyebrows (16”neck)
  • X-Large: 24” - 25” around forehead at eyebrows (18” neck)
  • XX-Large 26” - 27” around forehead at eyebrows (20” neck)
  • Custom: We will get extra measurements after purchase to make sure the hood fits you. This adds 2 weeks to the standard turn around time.

About our chlorination: We've developed a unique 2-step chlorination process that locks a high shine coating onto the surface, unlike most chlorination that can leave garments dull and somewhat patchy. 

Colour 1 = Face area + sides

Colour 2 = Top of head + back strip

Neck extension adds 1.5" down the front as a triangle you can tuck into your outfit.

Hair accessory options are 1 ponytail or 2 pigtail open gaskets to pull your own hair through. We do not make hair falls at this time. Leave a note in the box for specific positioning.

For a better representation of colours check out our Radical Rubber (for translucent colours) or Supatex colours


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    Love this hood

    Posted by Colin on 2017 May 26th

    Had a small manufactuing error with color selections of first hood. 2 nd hood perfect, better than i can possibly imagine. It looks stunning! Just ask for extra breathing holes a around mouth and nose. The are not visible if you go with an intricate lazer etching like i did. For a small company it has the best customer service of any i have dealt with. Exceptional experience all around. I look forward to doing buisness with kink engineering again. The product is worth the price. Thanks Ryver