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Our unisex Rubberdoll line features a rounded face panel and the feel of a tightly moulded hood. As with our OG microbreathe it will look like a blackout hood with laser-cut microholes for seeing and/or breathing options. 

Micro-hole Descriptor: 

  • Eyes: Looking through dark sunglasses in a dark room
  • Mouth: Speaking muffled, slurp liquids messily, inhalation with some difficulty. 
  • Nose: Breathing with some difficulty.  
  • Ear: Listening faint, reduces ear pressure.

Measure your head with the hairstyle you are going to wear with the hood. Thick hair may change your size. If you are between sizes, size up, or customize. 


  • Small: 20” - 21” around forehead at eyebrows (13” - 14” neck)
  • Medium: 21” - 22” around forehead at eyebrows (14” - 15” neck)
  • Large: 22” - 23” around forehead at eyebrows (15” - 17” neck)
  • X-Large: 24” - 25” around forehead at eyebrows (17” - 18” neck)
  • XX-Large: 26" - 27" around forehead at eyebrows (18" - 20" neck)
  • Custom: We will ask for measurements and make a pattern for you.

Colour 1 = Face

Colour 2 = Head & neck

Closure option is limited to zip up regular or locking zipper.

Neck extension adds 1.5" down the front as a triangle you can tuck into your outfit.

Hair accessory options are 1 ponytail or 2 pigtail open gaskets. We do not make hair falls at this time. Leave a note in the box for specific positioning.

Ready to get intense? Shop Rubberdoll Total Enclosure...

For a better representation of colours check out our sheeting selection for Radical Rubber colours or the Supatex website at

SKU: 130-RD-Micro


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Perfectly made hood

Hood arrived pre shined and ready for use. Fit my measurements given perfectly and the locking zipper came with two sets of keys. Hood is easy to breath through and does its job of limiting vision a little while still allowing sight. Seeing further away easier than seeing stuff up close. Estimated order time was spot on with not much delay. Great product and a satisfying purchase.
Posted by James F., May 18th 2021

I love being a faceless rubberdoll!

This was the first hood that I ordered from the Kink Engineering website! It was a long wait due to the pandemic but the wait was worth it. When I put the hood on, I felt like I have become someone else, or something else. I was a faceless rubberdoll! The hood was what I needed to become a rubberdoll, which was my goal this year. I want to do a latex shoot with the microbreathe hood in the future. Thank you Kink Engineering! I'm planning on getting another hood someday. Maybe I will get a silence hood or another microbreathe hood with a locking zipper!
Posted by Anthony Murray, Jun 25th 2020


This was part of an art project I’ve been working on for a while now. I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for as a reference shot for anything. This hood fits and conceals perfectly while giving me the right amount of visibility to still see the underlying face. It also came glossed up and ready so I didn’t have to do much prep work while my photographer (who is a bit impatient) was able to get the shots I needed quickly and in all of the different light spectrums I needed. I was able to breathe and give the instructions for what I needed without having to take it off, though I couldn’t read or see well with the lighting on. But it worked when a lot of other ideas did not. Also now there is the matter of I have to paint now. This will take some work and believe me, I’ll send pics of the results when I’m done.
Posted by Chris Blohme, Mar 30th 2020

Rubberdoll Microbreathe Hood

I have had this hood for 2 months now, and it is absolutely perfect! Construction and sizing is spot on!! I requested it with regular nose holes for better oxygen during higher physical activities. I also have the locking zipper which adds an element of 'fun'! I can't recommend K.E. enough, and they're Canadian and I like to support my hometown business's. Mike
Posted by Mike, Nov 29th 2019

Microbreathe hood

My first purchase of "good" latex (ie: not cheap Chinese products) and I'm absolutely blown away. The quality difference is night and day! The micro perforations work wonderfully for breathing, but visibility is limited to a few feet. The look, however is unparalleled! The only downside is that now I'm going to have to start upgrading the rest of my collection to match this incredible quality! My wallet weeps.
Posted by James LaLone, Mar 7th 2019

Death the Kid Custom Hood

I have always been curious about getting into latex, so about a few months ago I sent Kink Engineering an email about an idea for a hood with an anime character's face as the front. I did it just for ha-has, and was pleasantly shocked that they could do it! After a few email exchanges for ideas and pricing, I placed my order and they went to work! The hood's design came out perfect! The custom overlays they made came out fantastic. I had owned a few small latex items before, but never anything like a full hood. It's actually incredibly comfy! I sometimes even wear when just chilling around. They were also incredibly helpful with my custom request, as well as tips to keep it nice and shiny! I'm definitely gonna brainstorm a few ideas for orders in the future! ;)
Posted by M., Jul 9th 2017

Death the Kid Custom Hood

Kink Engineering knocked my hood out of the park! It came out perfectly! It's so comfy I sometimes wear it around while chilling about. I've always been curious about wearing latex, so about a month or two ago for ha-has, I shot them an email with this idea I've had for a while. I was hoping they could make a latex mask with the face of an anime character. After a few back-and-forth emails, they quickly set to work on it, and as I stated above - it came out perfectly! I'm gonna have to come up with some more ideas in the near future ;)
Posted by undefined, Jul 8th 2017

White Rubberdoll Hood

First time wearing this hood. Fits great nice and smooth over the head. Breathing is good seeing is a little harder more like dark sunglasses On this New hood the neck could be a little longer. So it can be tuck inside of a catsuit. Or over the top of the catsuit neck. So NO skin shows when wearing hood and suit. I would recommend any one to buy this hood.
Posted by Latex Alien, Mar 18th 2017