Rubberdoll Silence Hood


Our new rubber doll hood line is our sleekest, best-fitting hood to date.  Designed for a smooth fit on all head shapes and without the typical widow's peak, this hood is sure to be flattering on everyone!  
All our hoods are unisex.

With a turnaround time of 30 days or less, you'll get it faster than any other made-to-order hood on the market.

This hood is available with both our soft and angular eyes (with no trim, rounded/angular trim or lashes).  It's got nose holes, but no mouth.... keeping your sub silent, just the way you like them!

Since this is tailored to feel like a moulded hood, it needs a zipper closure. For the time being, we're only offering zip closures, but can accommodate custom requests for lace-up backs. 

Pull-on versions of this hood are not yet available. This hood is unisex and looks equally great on both men and women.


Sizes/Options: This hood fits like a glove but if you're in between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

  • Small Fits: 20" - 21" around head at eyebrows and 13"-14" neck
  • Medium Fits: 21" - 22" around head at eyebrows and 14"-15" neck
  • Large Fits: 22" - 23" around head at eyebrows and 15"-17" neck
  • X-Large Fits: 24" - 25" around head at eyebrows and 17 - 18" neck
  • XXL is not available yet!  We want to make sure the pattern is 100% right
  • Custom: not available yet, but we can add a bit to the nose of any hood at no additional cost

Hair accessories:

  • We can add a ponytail or pigtail gaskets on your hood to allow for hair.
  • We do not currently make latex hair falls.

Neck extension:

  • If you would like your hood to be a bit longer you can chose the neck extension.
  • It is a triangle addition attached to the front of the hood that extends the neck coverage another 1.5 inches.Just like in our ninja hoods.


Color 1 = Face
Color 2 = Back, neck, eye and lip trim
Trim = The eye and/or mouth trim.


We do our best to keep all the colours/thicknesses in stock but may occasionally be out. If this is the case we will contact
you with an estimated restock date or an option to change the colour/thickness of your order.

Thank you for your understanding.





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