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Rubberdoll Angular Eye Hood


Our Rubberdoll line is our sleekest, best-fitting hood to date.  Designed for a smooth fit on all head shapes and without the typical widow's peak, this hood is sure to be flattering on everyone! This hood is unisex and looks equally great on both men and women.

With a turnaround time of 30 days or less, you'll get it faster than any other made-to-order hood on the market.

This version has large, oval-shaped eyes which can come untrimmed (great for transparent latex), trimmed with a basic edge. The mouth shape is sharper than the other Rubberdoll's and can be untrimmed or have a basic trim.Since this is tailored to feel like a moulded hood, it needs a zipper closure. For the time being, we're only offering zip closures but can accommodate custom requests for lace-up backs. Pull-on versions of this hood are not yet available.

Sizes/Options: This hood fits like a glove but if you're in between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

  • Small: 20" - 21" around the head at eyebrows and 13"-14" neck

  • Medium: 21" - 22" around the head at eyebrows and 14"-15" neck

  • Large: 22" - 23" around the head at eyebrows and 15"-17" neck

  • X-Large: 24" - 25" around the head at eyebrows and 17 - 18" neck

  • Custom: We will ask you for your measurements

Hair accessories:

  • We can add a ponytail gasket or pigtail gaskets to your hood to allow for hair or your own extensions.

  • We do not currently make latex hair falls.

Neck extension:

  • If you would like your hood to be a bit longer you can choose the neck extension.

  • It is a v-neck addition on the front of the hood that extends the neck coverage another inch.

Colour 1 = Face (Polymorphe is extra)
Colour 2 = Back, neck, eye and lip trim (Polymorphe is extra)
Trim = Eye and Lip trims

***PLEASE NOTE: We do our best to keep all the colours/thicknesses in stock but may occasionally be out. If this is the case, we will contact you with an estimated restock date or an option to change the colour/thickness of your order.

SKU: 200-RD-Angle


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Perfect fit!

The quality of latex, the craftsmanship, and design make this hood a tight and pleasurable wear that you won't want to take off. Resplendent shine to it as well! I've purchased three hoods from Kink Engineering and this is my favourite yet!
Posted by undefined, Jan 31st 2017