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How it works: Your choice of laser cut micro holes or regular nose holes. The end product has the look of a blackout hood, with breathing and/or seeing options. 

Micro-hole Descriptor: 

  • Eyes: Looking through dark sunglasses in a dark room
  • Mouth: Speaking muffled, slurp liquids messily, inhalation with some difficulty. 
  • Nose: Breathing with some difficulty.  
  • Ear: Listening faint, reduces ear pressure.

Measure your head with the hairstyle you are going to wear with the hood. Thick hair may change your size. If you are between sizes, size up, or customize. 


  • Small: 20” - 21” around forehead at eyebrows (13” neck)
  • Medium: 21” 22” around forehead at eyebrows (15” neck)
  • Large: 22” - 23” around forehead at eyebrows (16”neck)
  • X-Large: 24” - 25” around forehead at eyebrows (18” neck)
  • XX-Large 26” - 27” around forehead at eyebrows (20” neck)
  • Custom: We will get extra measurements after purchase to make sure the hood fits you. This adds 2 weeks to the standard turn around time.

About our chlorination: We've developed a unique 2-step chlorination process that locks a high shine coating onto the surface, unlike most chlorination that can leave garments dull and somewhat patchy. 

Colour 1 = Face area + sides

Colour 2 = Top of head + back strip

Neck extension adds 1.5" down the front as a triangle you can tuck into your outfit.

Hair accessory options as 1 ponytail or 2 pigtail open gaskets. We do not make hair falls at this time.

Want a laser etch design with this hood?: Take a look at our Laser Etched Microbreath hood

For a better representation of colours check out our Radical Rubber (for translucent colours) or Supatex colours


  • 5
    amazing first hood

    Posted by Rem on 2022 Sep 28th

    Never owned any latex before this and I was not disappointed at all! Since this is all new to me I was scared of tearing the hood even after using vivishine but it's so stretchy and feels pretty durable. The micro holes allowed me to breathe and hear just fine and I was also surprised by how well I could see too. Despite the micro holes, after a while of wearing it you definitely get lost in the sense deprivation. Lovely!

  • 5
    Micro-Breathe Hood

    Posted by James Brindle on 2019 Dec 4th

    Fantastic except for the fit around the nose. It seems to be a bit loose and too pointed in that area for my nose. However, it looks bad ass on and breathing is possible although not completely easy. The first time I wore it was for 2 hours and it felt completely normal after a few minutes of adjustment.

  • 5
    Original microbreathe hood

    Posted by Michael on 2019 Sep 10th

    This hood is amazing! I’m in love with it! The fit is perfect!

  • 5
    Micro-Breathe Hood

    Posted by Mike on 2019 Jun 1st

    I am thoroughly and completely pleased with this item! An amazing hood of excellent construction and exceptional fit. A must have for that total enclosure feeling. Seeing and breathing through the micro holes poses no problem and is exactly as described in the product description. Customer service is nothing but a joy. Any questions or concerns I had were answered promptly and make Kink Engineering a delight to deal with. Thanks K E ! Mike

  • 4
    Great design, illusion success but extremely fragile

    Posted by Lencario on 2018 Apr 17th

    The envelope packaging was both subtle and easy to handle. But as I opened it, the nose part of the mask was torn. I am not sure either it was due to a lack of understanding on how to open the packaging or that I was too rough with the mask. So as long as I don't lie down, I get perfect vision and everything else. I can hear, speak, and breathe while being able to conceal my eyes and identity. It was a snug fit. The torn part was about an inch long by the nose. I am trying to repair it at the moment. If it's successful, I would be giving an additional 0.5 stars for the amazing and simple design. I have always wanted something to conceal my eyes while being able to maintain vision after all.

  • 4
    Excellent quality some issues

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 Feb 6th

    Purchased this in 6mm custom sized with a zipper and nose and eye holes only Hood is lovely and sexy. Custom does not modify the location of the nose so that is not quite as good a fit as I'd hoped. It is quite difficult to see through the micro eye holes and breathing through the nose holes, at least in this thicker product, is quite difficult, so agree with other reviewer this is more of a breath control hood than something you could wear around. That said, the holes don't show at all, so would recommend going with mouth holes as well.

  • 5
    First purchase from Kink Engineering

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Nov 2nd

    A friend of mine got me curious about the micro-breathe hood, and encouraged me to buy one. I went with the nightshade as I wanted some latex that wasn't black for a change and it's absolutely beautiful. The hood slides right over my long hair and the XL size fit my head fairly well, though it does inflate/deflate slightly but nowhere near a rebreather hood would for example. At most I'd say there's a half inch of expansion on exhale. I love this hood I'm already planning on buying another one! Also customer service is *amazing* here :D

  • 5
    excellent quality and fit, nice first hood

    Posted by Pw on 2017 Sep 2nd

    very happy with the delivered hood, color fit and quality is lovely , the micro holes were a new experience to me, works perfect.

  • 5
    Micro Breathe Hood all white.

    Posted by Latex Alien on 2017 Mar 18th

    These hoods are the best around I now have 6 in different colors to match My catsuits. You can't go wrong buying one of the Micro Breathe Hoods. Some of the best hoods on the fetish market.