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Vac Cube Six Sided Die


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Six sided dice Vac Cube. 1 meter squared (39") with dice dot overlay!

This is a very special vac-cube. By adding a series of latex overlaid dots we turn your vac-cube into an awesome six sided die... perfect for playing the largest game of chance EVER! The neck gasket forms the dot for a roll of 1. **Black Microbreath hood pictured NOT included. The dice cube can be flipped forwards, backwards and side to side but should always be used with supervision and should be flipped slowly and under the control of two helpful friends.

The Vac-cube allows you to not only immobilise your play partner exposing 6 different sides for 6 times the fun! You are held securely in the centre and is just as air tight as our vacbeds. This comes with our special one way valve allowing you to turn off the vacuum after suction so your neighbours don’t think you obsessively vacuum at 2 am. Just the odd 10 second burst of the vacuum every 5 to 10 minutes to keep the suction tight is all you need for hours of fun.

Email us at to shop or customise a cube of your own!

Colour 1 = The cube

Colour 2 = Neck gasket and Dots


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