Vac Cube Six Sided Die


Total immersion vac cube! 1 meter per side (39") with Die dots overlay!This is a very special vac-cube. By adding a series of latex overlaid dots we turn your vac-cube into an awesome six 
sided die... perfect for playing the largest game of Monopoly EVER!
The neck gasket forms the dot for a roll of 1.
**Pictured hood not included.

The die can be flipped, but should always be used with supervision and should be flipped slowly and under the control of two helpful friends.

The Vac-cube allows you to not only immobilize your play partner, but also flip them upright, sideways, or even upside down. The cube holds you securely and completely and is air tight so
you don't have to run the vacuum all the time.
This comes with a partial frame: We send you all the special corner parts needed to build the frame, you only need to cut some PVC tubing and drill some holes for air flow 
(Instructions included). By not shipping the frame parts that are easy to make for yourself we can cut down on cost of shipping.
If you don't have the time or resources to wield a saw and drill we will happily build all the parts of your full frame and ship it all to you.

The vac cube comes with:
  • Latex sack
  • Fitted neck gasket - (or TWO custom fitted neck gaskets)
  • Closure bar (seals bed for play)
  • Vacuum connector with one way valve
  • Instructions for the frame - and all connector bits (optional full frame in the options)
  • Assembly and usage instructions 

These are custom built on order, so please expect 4-6 weeks turnaround time.

Color 1 = The cube and neck gasket
Color 2 = Neck gasket trim and Dots

We do our best to keep all the colours/thicknesses in stock but may occasionally be out. If this is the case we will contact you with an estimated restock date or an option to change the colour/thickness of your order.
Thank you for your understanding.




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