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Six sides, six times the fun!

NOT FOR SOLO BONDAGE USE! We are not liable for improper use of our products! Read more.

Why us? Our cube’s unique one-way vacuum valve (1.5”) and tapered entry with quick-release tube in a metal channel (43”), ensures air-tight, sustained, quieter play. No leaky zippers or continuous vacuuming leaving your neighbours wondering why the heck you're obsessively cleaning your apartment at 2 am.
The cube immobilises securely and can be flipped backwards, forwards or sideways.


Check out a detailed description of our breathing and gasket options here.

The fisting gasket is like the penis gasket but sized for your wrist.

Length: 36” frame

Frames are custom made to order in PVC piping. We do not offer metal frames at this time. 7 three-way corners & 1 four-way corner provided regardless of frame choice.  

Take a good look at our colour selection here.

Colour 1 = Neck gasket, Top, Bottom, Front & Back of cube

Colour 2 = Left & Right side panels

Email us for further customisation!

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An Experience Unlike Any Other

Being inside this cube is a completely unique experience that simply can't be replicated with anything else. The construction is very high quality and the customer support is top notch.
Posted by M, Aug 10th 2020

Relaxing in Rubber

Quality of my new cube is superb! It helps me relax when I’m otherwise stressed. It took a couple months for my cube to reach me but KE was in touch with me about that. Thanks!
Posted by Nicholas Alessandri, Jul 30th 2019