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Six accessible sides, six times the fun! 

The Vac cube allows you to not only immobilise your play partner, but also flip them backwards, forwards or sideways. The cube holds you securely in the centre and is just as air tight so you don't have to run the vacuum constantly. This comes with our special one way valve allowing you to turn off the vacuum after suction so your neighbours don’t  think you obsessively vacuum at 2 am. Just the odd quick burst of the vacuum every 5 to 10 minutes to keep the suction tight is all you need for hours of fun.

Our cube comes with a partial frame: We send you all the special corner parts needed to build the frame, you only need to cut some PVC tubing and drill some holes for air flow (Instructions included). By not shipping the frame parts that are easy to make for yourself we can cut down on cost of shipping.If you don't have the time or resources to make one yourself though we will happily build the full frame and ship it to you. Just make sure to select YES! To the frame option.

The vac cube comes with:

  • Latex sack
  • Fitted neck gasket
  • Closure bar (seals bed air tight for play)
  • Kink Engineering's special one way valve
  • Instructions to build or construct the frame - and all corner bits 
  • A+ customer service willing to help you out with any tips or queries you may have


Your Vac Cube comes in your choice of 1 or 2 colours. If you are looking for something a bit more detailed drop us a line with a pic of what you want and we can quote you for that.

Colour 1 = Neck gasket, Top, Bottom, Front and Back of cube

Colour 2 = Left and Right side panels of cube

***PLEASE NOTE: Some options may change the price of your order.

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Relaxing in Rubber

Quality of my new cube is superb! It helps me relax when I’m otherwise stressed. It took a couple months for my cube to reach me but KE was in touch with me about that. Thanks!
Posted by Nicholas Alessandri, Jul 30th 2019