The Monolith: Vac Tower

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NOT FOR SOLO BONDAGE USE! We are not liable for improper use of our products! Read more.

Why us? Our monolith can accommodate 1 or 2 people at the same time (Depending on breathing option choice. Please note if you get 2 neck gaskets it is difficult to clip the second neck gasket off which means the bed may not be airtight unless both neck gaskets are in use). Our unique one-way vacuum valve and tapered entry with quick-release closure bar ensures air-tight, sustained, quieter play. No leaky zippers or continuous vacuuming leaving your neighbours wondering why the heck you're obsessively cleaning your apartment at 2 am. The monolith immobilises the user(s) securely upright and allows them to have their head out. Should not be tipped over.

Check out a detailed description of our breathing and gasket options here.

Take a good look at our colour selection here.

Frames are custom made to order in PVC piping. We do not offer metal frames at this time. 7 three-way corners & 1 four-way corner provided regardless of frame choice.  Size: 54” x 34.5" x 14.5" frame

Colour 1 = Top, bottom, front and back panels

Colour 2 = Side panels

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