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The Monolith: Vac Tower


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NOT FOR SOLO BONDAGE USE! We are not liable for improper use of our products! Read more.

Why us? Our monolith's unique one-way vacuum valve (1 ¼”) and tapered entry with quick-release tube in a metal channel (43”), ensures air-tight, sustained, quieter play. No leaky zippers or continuous vacuuming leaving your neighbours wondering why the heck you're obsessively cleaning your apartment at 2 am.

The monolith immobilises securely upright and allows the user(s) to have their head out. Cannot be tipped over. Want a completely immersive experience? Check out the Skyscraper!

Breathing options: 

  1. Neck gasket (similar to a turtleneck opening) Leave an order note for two.
  2. Neck gasket (see 1.) + dicky


  • Electrical/ enema port: 1 or 2 finger-sized “sleeve(s)” attached to 1 ¾” hole(s). Easily pinched or taped closed. Leave an order note for extras or specific placements.

Length: 59”x39" bed/ 54”x34.5" frame

Frames are custom made to order in PVC piping. We do not offer metal frames at this time. 7 three-way corners & 1 four-way corner provided regardless of frame choice.  

Colour 1 = Top, Front, & Bottom

Colour 2 = Left, Right, Back side panels

Email us for further customizations!

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Single Person Monolith

While this is a nice piece of equipment there are some flaws in the construction. 1) It needs better corner definition. While setting the monolith up the corners would just wander from their spot and not stay in place. 2) A sleeve is needed to extend out onto the corner piece that attaches to the air valve to better insure a good seal so air does not leak out. 3) More material or a zipper needs to be added at the point of entry and exit so that sealing becomes easier. Also, assembly instructions with picture diagrams would be helpful. After all this being said the monolith is actually a great piece. The group really enjoyed using it.
Posted by David German, Aug 4th 2019