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50" Wide Vacbed


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Our most popular bed!

NOT FOR SOLO BONDAGE USE! We are not liable for improper use of our products. Read more.

50" (125 cm) wide, featuring two colours/thicknesses sheeting by availability. 

Why us? Our vacbed’s unique one-way vacuum valve (1 ¼”) and topside entry with quick-release tube in a metal channel (53”), ensures air-tight, sustained, quieter play. No leaky zippers or continuous vacuuming leaving your neighbours wondering why the heck you're obsessively cleaning your apartment at 2 am.

Breathing options: 

  1. Reinforced 0.5” hole & a length of rigid tubing (provided).
  2. Face relief (similar to a hood’s front face panel) with reinforced 0.5” hole. 
  3. Open face gasket (similar to an open-faced hood)
  4. Neck gasket (similar to a turtleneck opening)
  5. Neck gasket (see 4.) + additional dicky
  6. One long tube to the side (reinforced 0.5” hole & a longer length of rigid tube (provided))


  • Electrical/ enema port: 1 or 2 “sleeve(s)” attached to 1 ¾” hole(s). Easily pinched or taped closed. Leave an order note for extras or specific placement.
  • Cock AND ball Gasket: Custom-sized non-stretch latex cock & testicle(s) ring that sits on the pubic bone. Difficult to seal this option when not in use. 
  • Open penis gasket: A latex sleeve custom-sized to hug the penis similar to a condom except head is uncovered. Can be reverse inserted into a vagina, but bed may not hold its air seal. Easily pinched or taped closed. We do not offer moulded penis sheaths at this time.  

Lengths (Insufficient height cramps you against the inner frame):

  1. Standard 80" bed/ 77" frame: 5'10" max
  2. Long 88" bed/ 85" frame(+$40):  6'3" max
  3. Extra Long 96" bed/ 93" frame(+$80): 6'3" ++
  4. Extra Extra Long 102" bed/ 99" frame (+$120): Stretch your legs! Plenty of room to pose & relax.

Frames are custom made to order in PVC piping. We do not offer metal frames at this time.

Colour 1 = Top- Framed by color two (Suggested 0.25 mm or 0.40 mm)
Colour 2 = Bottom- Wraps around front on both sides (Suggested 0.40 mm or 0.60 mm)

Other widths: 40”60”80”

These 2D beds MUST be used horizontally, view our 3D products: MonolithTowerCube


5 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings)
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50" Wide Vacbed

This was seriously everything I had imagined it would be. I'm 6'3" with long arms and legs, so the 50" seemed like a good place to start. There was plenty of room for me in different positions and the neck gasket fit perfectly. The frame is built very sturdy and I have had no problems. It's comfortable to get in and out of and I have zero problems with it. Definitely planning on buying another.
Posted by Matt, Aug 9th 2020

Great product

More fun then I even expected. Getting the trick of setting it up quickly takes a few goes, but one you get it down its a snap to have it up and running in a few minutes. Once sealed it holds a good vacuum. Definitely worth it
Posted by Tom, Aug 18th 2019

Awsome experience machine

The VacBed I bought has been great so far. Honestly I have no prior or later experience to compare it to, but it's one of the most amazing sensorial experience you can have in a lifetime. You definitely need some you trust besides you, but having both, your partner and the VB together, it's just something amazing.
Posted by Alfredo, Nov 12th 2018

With a custom made head piece!

This is really awesome! We enjoy it and the metallic blue looks really neat in a variety of lights. Be careful when selecting the head piece and how air flow may affect it. The customer service team is great too! Fast and informative replies.
Posted by Stanley Napolitano, Feb 15th 2018

Best vac gear made, period

I've been a rubberist for 35+ years, I have 2 KE beds, a skyscraper tower, and a smaller cube is next. I only use and recommend KE. Quality is beyond question, and the value is incredible. I spend 6+ hours in my vac toys several times a week, and I've never found a more comfortable or well made bed.
Posted by BigM, Dec 8th 2017

So much fun and versatile

ORDERDING AND SERVICE FROM KINK ENGINEERING: We ordered our vacbed and we're told to expect four to six weeks to get the order. Didn't think we could wait that long for something that was going to be so much fun. Ryver said she would try and get the order done a bit sooner but no guarantees and then to our delight we got an email after three weeks saying our package had shipped!! We couldn't have been happier with the service from Ryver. She was very patient in answering all my questions, generally within a few hours. THE VACBED: We absolutely love, love, love our vacbed. It is so exhilarating to feel the latex sheeting suck all around you for the first time and once it sucks clear down you are definitely stuck!! It took a handful of times to figure out how to get all the air out next to your body before it creates a seal around the PVC pipe. For me it works really good if i move my arms and legs like I am riding a wave of water. When I do that it pulls down on my body everywhere really good and there aren't any little air bubbles that allow your body to move around. We have made a few more frames so that we can kneel or stand up in the vacbed. It is really easy to do and I can change the frame pieces out from one to the other in about 5 minutes. We also made one so that you are kneeling down and then from your waist to your head you are horizontal. Picture if you were kneeling down and then you fell onto your hands but since your hands are in the bed you have to put the top of the frame on a stool or chair so that your frame is supported, but the feeling of being suspended is SOOOOO intense. It is much more difficult to get a good vacuum in these other positions. I think it's because there isn't really a good way to keep the vacbed open and allow the suction to start at the body so it wants to seal around the pipe first. We can get it but sometimes it takes a few tries. Last thing, I ordered the vacbed with the nose shield and it was so worth it. It makes being in the bed very comfortable for a long time. You can breath with ease and if you ever find yourself wanting to get loose you can always breathe in through the hose and then out your nose and the air will start to break the seal quickly letting you move around. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking. You won't be sorry that you ordered it, believe me!!!!
Posted by Thanks Kink Engineering, Nov 30th 2017

Awesome bed

Love the bed with the open neck. It has a nice tight seal that our other beds have been lacking. The frame we built ourselves and it was very easy to follow the instructions. I agree with previous reviews, don't wait to get this bed. You will thank yourself for doing so.
Posted by Cathleen, Mar 10th 2017

Read the review below . .

The other review sums it up perfectly YOU WANT THIS BED!!!
Posted by NWRubber, Feb 1st 2017

Get off the fence. Worth every penny!

I've waited a decade for this. Humming and hawing for how awesome it seemed but couldn't justify the cost. Don't make my mistake. Get on board! Picked up the 50" Long with a .6 radical bottom and .4 cobalt polymorphe top. Built the frame to spec (results in 48" wide frame outside dimension) and getting the latex envelope over the frame the first time is decidedly not easy. I'm strongly tempted to take a 1/2-1" cut out of each dimension to make it easier to put up and take down. With plenty of talc and a bit of fanagling it definitely fits and we're off to the races. All the joints are lapped properly and reinforced in just the right places. The genital/toy gasket worked great for me outward and girlfriend to have a toy inward. The neck gasket took some juggling to get right since I have a 15" neck and she has a 13" neck. I found adding a strip of electrical tape around the back of the neck and then down the front shoulder/breast area kept the back from letting air in (much like a tailor would drape a measuring tape over their neck). Once the neck and downstairs seal were in place it was rock solid. Virtually no leaks. Before the tape trick the neck gasket only worked if I kept still. If I craned down to peek at how awesome I looked it would leak. Every body is different and this is a seal that may be a tad frustrating until you find exactly the right trick for you. With the thicker bottom and thinner top it really compresses downward. GF and I got a tad of a hickey line all the way down our super pale bodies. Long sleeves for a few days I guess ;) On the plus side only kinky people will identify the marks at the waterpark :D All in all, Engineering 4/5 (pesky neck gasket, I blame my body but ymmv. I'm skinny and my tendons make my neck decidedly not round when I flex) instructions 4/5 - could be more clear on precisely how big the resultant frame should look after you're done to allow dry fitting and adjusting before gluing. Material quality 5/5 Craftsmanship 5/5 1-way valve engineering 5/5 Customer service 5/5 - I exchanged no less than a dozen emails and they were all timely replies with courtesy that inspired confidence. I repeat. Don't make my mistake waiting. This isn't cheap but that's what quality costs. I will be a returning customer
Posted by J, Jan 13th 2017