80" Wide Vacbed

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Rubber party for two... three... four!

NOT FOR SOLO BONDAGE USE! We are not liable for improper use of our productsRead more.

80" wide, featuring two colours/thicknesses sheeting by availability. Tapered opening for easy closing. 

Why us? Our vacbed’s unique one-way vacuum valve and topside entry with quick-release closure bar ensures air-tight, sustained, quieter play. No leaky zippers or continuous vacuuming leaving your neighbours wondering why the heck you're obsessively cleaning your apartment at 2 am. Just the odd 10 second burst of the vacuum every 5 to 10 minutes to keep the suction tight is all you need for hours of fun.

Take a good look at our colour selection HERE.

Check out a detailed description of our breathing and gasket options here.

Lengths (Insufficient height cramps you against the inner frame):


  • Standard works for people 5'9" (or 175 cm) tall and under. 80" outer/74" inner frame height.

  • Long length is better for people up to 6'2" (187 cm) tall and under. 88" outer/82" inner frame height.

  • Extra Long is for people 6'3" and over (190 cm) tall. 96"outer/90" inner frame height.

  • Extra Extra Long is for those of you that might want to stretch your arms and legs. Plenty of room to pose and relax. 104" outer/98" inner frame height.


Frames are custom made to order in PVC piping. We do not offer metal frames at this time. 

Colour 1 = Right side(Suggested 0.40 mm)

Colour 2 = Left Side (Suggested 0.40 mm)

Other widths: 40”50”60”

These 2D beds MUST be used horizontally, view our 3D products: MonolithTowerCube

We will ask you for measurements after purchase so please make sure that the e-mail address you check out with is correct.