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80" Wide Vacbed


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Rubber party for two... three... four!

NOT FOR SOLO BONDAGE USE! We are not liable for improper use of our products. Read more.

80" (200 cm) wide, featuring two colours/thicknesses sheeting by availability. Tapered 39.5" opening. 

Why us? Our vacbed’s unique one-way vacuum valve (1.5”) and topside entry with quick-release tube in a metal channel (43”), ensures air-tight, sustained, quieter play. No leaky zippers or continuous vacuuming leaving your neighbours wondering why the heck you're obsessively cleaning your apartment at 2 am.

Breathing options: 

  1. Reinforced 0.5” hole & a length of rigid tubing (provided).
  2. Face relief (similar to a hood’s front face panel) with reinforced 0.5” hole and breathing tube. 
  3. Open face gasket (similar to an open-faced hood)
  4. Neck gasket (similar to a turtleneck opening)
  5. Neck gasket (see 4.) + additional dicky
  6. One long tube to the side


  • Electrical/ enema port: 1 or 2 finger sized “sleeve(s)” attached to 1 ¾” hole(s). Easily pinched or taped closed. Leave an order note for extras or specific placements.
  • Cock AND ball Gasket: Custom-sized non-stretch latex cock & testicle(s) ring that sits on the pubic bone. Difficult to seal this option when not in use. 
  • Open penis gasket: A latex sleeve custom-sized to hug the penis similar to a condom except the head is uncovered. Can be reverse inserted into a vagina, but bed may not hold its air seal. Easily pinched or taped closed. We do not offer moulded penis sheaths at this time.  

Lengths (Insufficient height cramps you against the inner frame):

  1. Standard 80" bed/ 77" frame: 5'9" max
  2. Long 88" total/ 85" frame (+$40):  6' max
  3. Extra Long 96" total/93" frame (+$80): 6'3"+
  4. Extra Extra Long 102" bed/ 99" frame (+$120): Stretch your arms and legs! Plenty of room to pose & relax.

Frames are custom made to order in PVC piping. We do not offer metal frames at this time. 

Take a good look at our colour selection here.

Colour 1 = Top (Suggested 0.25 mm or 0.40 mm)
Colour 2 = Bottom + wrap border top (Suggested 0.40 mm or 0.60 mm)

Other widths: 40”50”60”

These 2D beds MUST be used horizontally, view our 3D products: MonolithTowerCube


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