60" Wide Vacbed


At 60" (150cm) wide, this a vacbed with room for anything you can think up... including room for TWO!

Pick the two neck gaskets option, or mix and match with a Neck Gasket and a Tube to the side of the vacbed for play for two, or just go with one neck gasket or tube but have
LOTS of room to spread out and stay spread out as the latex grabs you and holds you tight. This is our personal favourite - for those with a bit more money to spend, it is the Cadillac of Vacbeds.
If you want lots of room to spread out and spread eagle you may also want to choose the Long or Extra Long options so that there is room above the head to wave your arms like you just don't care.

NOTE: The extra wide vacbed has a tapered entry. This allows for the package we ship to you to be more reasonably sized, and prevents damage while shipping.
So it does not have a GIANT open end.

It's offered in a choice of any two colors/thicknesses of Radical Rubber or Polymorphe sheeting that is in stock, one color for the top, one for the bottom and with lots of options to make it perfect just for you.

We custom build each and every vacbed so that it works for you exactly as you want it to. Since every order is custom, please allow 4-6 weeks
for production. There will also be some back and forth emails to make sure you get your bed to your specifications.

What is a vacbed?

To give you a short version: A latex vacbed is the ultimate in total latex bondage. The possibilities for playful activities between the person inside and the person outside are

What makes our beds special?

Our vacbeds feature a one-way valve and unique closure mechanism, making them air-tight. This means longer, quieter play with no risk of your vacuum overheating or your neighbors wondering why the heck you're obsessively cleaning your apartment at 2am.

Our vacbeds typically do not include a frame - it makes shipping really expensive, and they're really easy to make. However, we're happy to make one for you - just be sure to select the "full frame" option.


Standard works for 5'10" and under

Long (+$40) works for 6'3" and under
Extra Long (+$80)for people over 6'3"
Extra Extra Long (+$120) if you want more room to put your hands above you.

If you get a bed that is too short you run the risk of the frame hitting your feet or your head hitting the frame. This can be uncomfortable and take away from the experience.

The Vacuum Bed comes with:

  • Latex Vacuum Sack

  • Fitted neck gasket, breathing hole, fitted "face gasket", breathing tube, Long internal tube, or Twin Long internal tubes.

  • The option for additional ports and gaskets so you can access the "naughty bits"

  • The option to make the bed longer to suit your needs.

  • Bed closure bar (seals bed for play)

  • Vacuum connector with one way valve

  • Frame instuctions

  • Assembly and Usage Instructions


Color 1 = Top Color of vacbed (Suggested thickness 0.25mm or 0.40mm)
Color 2 = Bottom Color of Vacbed (Suggested thickness 0.40mm or 0.60mm)


We do our best to keep all the colours/thicknesses in stock but may occasionally be out. If this is the case we will contact you with an estimated restock date or an option to change the colour/thickness of your order.
Thank you for your understanding.


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Great product, also great advice about going with a slightly longer size. Built my own frame with the specs given. It's nice and roomy in there. I went with the thicker sheeting and it has already saved me from a few pokey mishaps. Very durable.
Posted by undefined, Apr 30th 2018

HAHAHAHA!! - This thing is a MONSTER

Love it!! . . Really not much else to say - Flawless construction, and wonderful feeling and great smelling material. Also great pricing and service. I'll be spending a lot of time in this bed.
Posted by NWRubber, Feb 1st 2017