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Neck Gasket Dicky


More than one neck in your Vacbed?

Then you need more than one neck gasket in your arsenal!

This listing is for an additional, stand alone 'dicky' or "mock turtle neck" style Neck Gasket to add to your order, or for you to purchase alone for use with your existing gear. 

If you have multiple users who like the neck gasket option in your vacuum item and you find that one size of neck gasket just isn't doing it for everyone we are now offering the ability to purchase a second "Neck Gasket Dicky" custom sized for the smaller necked users. Designed to keep a superior air tight seal (as apposed to using of a neck gasket that doesn't quite fit).

This should only be bought for a neck size SMALLER than the gasket in your current vacbed. There is no benefit to ordering one of these if the issue is that your neck is larger than the neck gasket installed in your current bed.


  1. This is a large square of latex with a centre mounted neck gasket. You would shine the top of the Neck Gasket Dicky and place your head through BEFORE you get into your vacuum item, putting both your head, and the smaller neck gasket you are wearing, through the current Neck Gasket of the vacbed that you are using. It should look a bit like you are wearing a latex turtleneck in the vacbed. 

  2. Position yourself comfortably in the vacbed.

  3. Press the front, back and sides of the Neck Gasket Dicky against the inside of the vacbed. If you have lightly shined it prior, it should have a bit of a stick to it.

  4. Smooth any wrinkles and press out any bubbles.

  5. You are ready to go!

This addition is much more air tight then wearing a neck gasket that is sized incorrectly. It is, however, less air tight than buying a bed that is sized correctly just for you. That being said you should still be able to turn off your vacuum for long periods of time (5-10 min) before needing quick bursts of the vacuum to maintain suction. 

If you have any questions just ask! That's what we are here for!



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